Friday, August 2

Doing what Mean Joe Greene never could

I prefaced yesterday's post with a proper disclaimer letting all who dared to read further know that it would be incoherent, chronologically fucked, essentially non-factual, and incomplete. Despite my warning, I'm sure many read until they were bothered, disenchanted, rubbed wrong, or disgusted.  It's the internet after all. Who has the attention span to read an entire post anyways?

"Somewhere in the middle of all that, someone decided to try and give us another wheel size....Interest waned."

"^^ that's where I stopped reading. Pure bull... if you excuse my french."

I put the word "bull" into a French to English translator, and it came back "bull."  That's excusable, I guess.  Pointless, but excusable.

Part of me had wished I'd time to put together a more thorough, thoughtful, well researched post.  Then I found out that people just read until they've had enough, so I'm glad I didn't waste any more time than I did.

Let me just give a brief synopsis then, in case I alienated you yesterday before completing your studies.

*Wheel size is a choice, like sexuality or how many fingers and toes you are born with.

*Enduro racing is just as much fun as any other form of mountain biking that we are willing to pay money to do.

*If you like your 26" wheeled bike, keep riding it.  Just stop complaining that magazines aren't doing enough reviews of 26" wheeled bikes, because honestly... nobody's making them anymore.   Except Curtis.

*I'm glad that I'm still relatively young enough to enjoy our sport at its zenith in terms of technology and options.  If I was as old as Gunnar, I'd probably just be racing cross too.

*Specialized has been making an Enduro™ since the late 90's...

so somebody please tell me when the lawsuits are going to start.  Seriously.

This weekend, I will face the dilemma that has troubled many a Charlotte mountain biker this summer.  Will there be any trails open?  At what precise moment will I be able to ride with the least opportunity for mud before the rain will close the trails once more.
I missed the window last week and ended up going on an urban road ride that ended in eight hours of beer.  Fitness meet window.  Get out.

I've only got this to worry about in a week:

The Breck Epic always puts the hurting on me.  240 miles, 40,000 feet of climbing, all of ridden up and beyond 10,000 feet above sea level.    I sleep at around 750 feet every night, but I when I'm not out delivering messenger stuff, I'm sitting in an office almost 5-600 feet off the ground.

So I've got that going for me.

This will be number five for me, so yinzers know what that means...


#2 said...

As with many, I'm sure, the duration of the morning evac determines whether I get to the end of a given post.

BIG JIM said...

First off, I can never be "rubbed wrong."

Secondly, not only do I read your posts all the way through...sometimes I'll read it know, just to make sure I soak it all in.

Mark said...

I've owned nearly every edition of those Specialized Enduros. Does that make me the grandfather of Enduro? Godfather? Anything? Isn't it time for Ned to retire from Specialized soon anyways?

Anonymous said...

The backside of those buckles make a more profound statement.

Jethro said...

Hot damn, that Inglis is saaweeet!!

Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

thanks for the link to the Gunnar interview.. that was awesome.