Thursday, May 28

Team Meeting

Leyonce forwarded this video to me from the Burn 24 Hour Challenge.

If you watch closely you'll see me go by at around 1:17. You'll also notice that no one went as fast as I did. Trust me, I stayed up all night in front of the computer with a stop watch and a piece of paper scribbling down the time splits. If the race woulda just been over that seventy five feet of trail we would have most certainly won.

So I got to talking to Mike Piazza (Attorney, coach, soigneur, directeur sportif, love guru, math tutor) at the Bad Idea Racing racer's meeting yesterday. He said we needed to prioritize some tasks soon. We (I) have some big races coming up on the calender, and preparations must be made. In less than three and a half week's I have The Cowbell Marathon right here in Charlotte, NC (all right, slightly north of Charlotte by 30 minutes, but whatever), and in five weeks I leave for the Breck Epic. There's just a lot to do in very little time.

First off, the workspace here at the main office is quite cluttered with bike parts, tools, and rags in various states of greasiness. It's time to get my shit back together and dialed in before the next two events. The Cowbell will be used as my Dauphiné Libéré, my prep for the big tour. It's the race the big cycling news pundits will be watching to see if I have the form and handsome good looks to win a major tour like the Breck Epic.

Although Mike Piazza's not watching his weight (it would be pointless as he doesn't register on the official Bad Idea Racing Tanita fat scale) he is watching mine. He says I'm about ten pounds heavier than I need to be with this much time left before the Breck Epic. I reminded him that Jan Ullrich was always a wee bit heavy going into the Tour de France, but he quickly reminded me that he's most famous for being the all time leading first loser at the Tour and he also took drugs just to do that. Mike Piazza says either I get on "the program" or "the program" or at least sit down this weekend and watch a marathon of "The Program".

Speaking of weight and early season form (or lack thereof) Mike Piazza says I gotta get out on the bike more.

He doesn't think much of all this blogging silliness, and he thinks we (I) would be better of spending all that valuable time riding a bike as opposed to writing about riding a bike. Just this morning alone he said I pissed away fifteen minutes taking less than flattering pictures of him doing mundane things. That's fifteen minutes that coulda been spent on a bike getting with "the program" as opposed to trying to find cool links to "the program".

History will decide who was right and who was wrong...well at least when the future becomes the past and the present becomes the even more distant past.


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tomdog said...

Scales don't lie. Beware of the traveling gnome.

Blair said...

Trying to catch up on a week of being off the interweb.

The dad making the video says 'Damn' when you come by. Apparently, you were so fast, he forgot his kid was with him.