Friday, January 24

Infomercial: Day Two

Another day of not-so thinly veiled words put together by me about something from my sponsor(s).

After a long hiatus of self-imposed down time, ramping up with new product, redesigning current stuff, and dealing with the pleasantries of revamping a webstore (oh, the joys of being a small businessperson entity), Backcountry Research is back.

What's new?  Tons of stuff.

Firstly, but not most importantly, but since I had a hand in the original design... the 2014 Tülbag.

Material-wise, the front has been updated to waterproof high tensile strength Terrain XPAC VX21 fabric.  Design-wise, the zipper is no longer on "top" along the four inch side.  It's on the five inch side for easier access to your contents, and as an added bonus, you get one inch more zipper for the same price.

My personal Tülbag is Storm Orange.

Don't worry.  The 2014 Tülbag still comes with a Team Dicky trading card.

I've moved my junk outta my (much) older 4X4 bag and into the new.  I'll still hold onto my smaller bag as it fits in my bibs' radio pocket for belly shirt days.  Also of note, I now carry a $20 bill for emergencies as $10 worth of beer can get you out of a tight spot but won't get you much of a burrito in Breckenridge.

Next up, the completely redesigned Race Strap 3:

There were two, maybe three places for improvement with the old Race Strap 2.

1) It was slightly more complicated than the new strap.  Some people just couldn't understand how to mount it correctly.  I did a fair amount of personal instruction and onsite tutorials. 

2) With two ends that needed tightened, there was potential for user error.  Without a decent amount of heavy reefing, one could lose their load.  One man's heavy reef is another man's snug tug.

3) If you were a tight tube roller like me, the reduced size of your load led to some excessive strap.  For some reason (on my Phenom saddle, not my WTB Silverado), I had a harder time dealing with the excess strap and it would occasionally come out the side and grab me by the short pants.

The new Race Strap 3 is very easy and intuitive to load.  Reefing is a breeze. Easy on and off.  No excess strappage.  Clean.  Spartan (the cool kind with highlighted abs)

They come in many colors and patterns, but my personal Race Strap 3 is Blaze Hot Pink (shown here on my Vertigo... frame not included)

Also shown is the Tube Tarp, but I'm not there yet.

A new product for 2014 is the Camrat.

This road tube sized version of the Race Strap 3 was originally slated to be called the Tarmac.  It took awhile for the gears in my head to click, but when I remembered that Specialized has a whole line of road bikes called Tarmac, I fired off and email to BR.

"You're going to get sued to death.  To death."

Something like that.  So asses and heads were scratched and Camrat came out of all the scratching.  Anyways, a road sized strap for your road sized tubes... and notice the HiViz option with reflective capabilities.   Huzzah!!

So yeah, the Tube Tarp.

Some people don't want mud, grit, and whoknowswhat on their tubes.  Understood.  Put away the plastic baggies and get this upgrade that works with any strap ever made by Backcountry Research in the past and present. Easy on, easy off, easy pleasey.

What else?

The new Mütherload™.

Everything that was ever good about the old Mütherload made better.  It goes anywhere, uses a similar shock cord pre-load system like the new Race Strap 3, and baller versatile as all get out.

And for those going the long haul, the JAMLOC.

32" long and made to strap things to things.  If you're the type to stick everything on your bike and disappear for days, these are for you.  I'll probably just use them to strap a puffy coat to my bars or maybe Double Dare type goodies to my frame... dunno.  Versatile, can be trimmed down easily without fraying, grippy and nonabsorbent.

The Fonbag is still around.

Here's what I can honestly say about it.  I've seen tons of options for keeping your smart phone safe and dry.  Some are waterproof, some aren't, and others are Lifeproof type cases costing $75-100.  The Fonbag is not waterproof, although the materials are.  I'm considering waterproof to mean it can be held underwater for a long period and not let water in whatsoever.

That said, a couple weeks ago when I was riding to the Elvis Ride in the rain, I had my Fonbag in my right hand for about a half hour straight (I was trying a new route through neighborhoods).  My phone stayed dry and I was never worried about it.  I'll be honest, this is what I'd use in my jersey pocket if I was riding in the rain for any length of time I might ride with a phone.  I wouldn't trust it if I was white water kayaking, snorkeling, or cliff diving.

Only $15 and let me remind you, it is backed with Slip-not fabric so your phone doesn't fly outta your pocket like it might if it were only in a Ziploc bag...

It does happen.

Ask Peter.

So that's all the new stuff in a pile of words and pictures for your consideration.

Thanks to Backcountry Research for putting the anal in my anal compulsion.

Short track racing Sunday, no-shill race report type thing on Monday.

BTW:  I posted this on Facebook yesterday.  The humor was lost on most.

As long as I can laugh at myself, I guess.


AdamB said...

Sweet strappage! Good call on the Camrat, for sure. I'd love to see a Jamloc belt to keep my pants up, and then you'd always have a strap for those just-in-case moments.

Anonymous said...

Pics of virtigo please.......or is that just the
Post that goes in virtigo? And what is red thing on cartridge on you pack? Thanks......kangamungus!

dicky said...

No Vertigo... just parts.

It's a rubber grippy thing from a pen to keep the C)2 threads clean.

Unknown said...

So how about a Race Strap loaded with a tube, Tube Tarp and a loaded Tulbag - can it be done?

dicky said...

I'm sure it can...

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting on the El Borracho Strap ever since I heard about it from some clown bike blogger:

Any ETA on this genius creation?

dicky said...

I'm inquiring...

dicky said...

Word is that they are shooting for spring... wanna make it crabon bar friendly.

Joe Dirt said...

If you cannot wait for the El Borracho I highly recommend the Feedbag from Revelate. It can also gold snacks and supplies, wrappers and other small items on the outside. The cinchable cord can be done/undone one-handed. It can probably hold a tallboy too. I know it held my coffee travel mug nicely

BUCK said...

You really do know alot about strap on stuff.

Chris said...

Thanks for following up with the El Borracho info.
You're knowledge of strapping and stuffing things tightly is very impressive.