Tuesday, July 21

Compulsion Conclusion

I got the final part to complete the perfect (for me) single speed.


The Paragon Machine Works 142X12mm Combination Head Rear Skewer (part no. SK4010).

Most won't get it.  I understand.

When I got the ENVE crabon frok, it came with a nice, simple bolt-on skewer.

I wanted to use it, so sleek and sexy as it was, it appealed to the sleek and sexy me. I used to run bolt-on skewers on all my bikes before, so tool-required wheel removal was nothing new to me.  The fact that there was no somewhat matchy-matchy solution for the rear was no bueno.  I settled on DT Swiss thru-skewers that were anything but "quick" in their manner of releasing the wheel from dropout related bondage and started their lives out as Specialized labeled product until I got rid of the S-logoed lever... because... Specialized... and burritos... because everything for burritos.

I occasionally found myself glancing at the simplistic beauty of that ENVE bolt-thru, lying useless in a drawer with random bearings, axles, cable housings and other things that would otherwise clutter my work surface. 

That is until I was randomly perusing the Paragon Machine Works website for some reason or another, saw the news of this thing just being released, and boom.  I gave it that much thought.

There is a practical side to this.  Some say that I hike-a-bike rather quickly, I suppose for a man who stands at four apples tall.  I do this by channeling my anger and sads at the same time and driving that energy into so many flailing, tiny limbs to propel myself up whatever mountain is in front of me.  There's a certain lack of coordinated effort in my movement, and often times, I find my shin making contact with any protruding part on my (at that time) useless bike. 

I now have one less thing to take a chunk out of what is left of my shinny shin shin.

So, for now, I feel as if my bike is a completed project.  Perfect in every way... save for perhaps the Bluetooth Thomson drooper that hasn't been made yet because they're still waiting for the terminator to be sent back in time so they can borrow technology from it's semi-crushed head part to create a working product.

Until then, I'm stuck with what is still the best drooper in the world, so I got that going for me...

Gunga galunga... gunga, gunga-lagunga

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