Thursday, September 28

We have a few items we want to straighten out first...

or you might be looking at three actors...

who really don't feel like making a Geronimo picture.

*skipping forward a few lines*

You hit Harry Flugleman on a bad day.

I threatened to race cyclo ross this past Saturday, but I woke up that morning with a text inviting my sorry ass on a trail ride.  I shifted my gears... in the most figurative of senses.  Mountain bike cycling with friends beats grass racing ninety nine times out of a hundred.

Fun trail ride and fidget spinning at Poston and Rocky Branch with Claudio, Daily and Mills...

and then supposed to go to a party Saturday night, but then things happened, or more to the point, didn't.

I'm weak.

A last minute cancellation Sunday morning due to my riding accomplices drinking too much the night before rendered me open to creative time consumption for my day.  I just rode south and east and poked my head into some green spaces on the map looking for adventure.  It was found, but not grand by any means.  The rest of the day, watching football at The Spoke Easy, even tho I heard football is ded like single speeding and 29" wheels and also 26" wheels and 27.5" and assuredly fat bikes.

Obviously, I've been hit with a case of the lazies.  I considered racing this weekend up in Roanoke, but the distraction of pain is not a true release from boredom.  I'm more than likely ending up in Pisgah to celebrate a birthday and ride a trail that somehow I've ignored for years.  Big Creek, AKA The Death Descent, so named because we first rode it back when v-brakes were as good as it got.  Which was pretty much death.

Sorry(esque) for the recent silence, but the lack of bike cycling happenings recently combined with the overwhelming nebulous stream of conscience in the forms of arguing over things that don't matter and an observed flurry of self-serving self-promotion of self temporarily squashed my desire to express myself in the long form.

So, the desire to get into the woods for 36 or so hours is strong.  All I really wanna do is ride my bike.


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I was worried Dicky. Thought mebbe your jimmies were rustled by that fella talking about you taking the dope.