Thursday, November 9

Just Breks

Really... no idea when my JaBronson will show up.  Maybe tomorrow?

Prolly not.

I only have my dangling XT braking bits to look at right now.

As stupid as it is, I let them dangle to get all the packaging curly-q out of them. 

Yeah, when I get my JaBronson, I'm taking the $500+ SRAM Ultimate Guide brakes off and putting on plain old, workhorse XT brakes.  Nothing against you, SRAM.  The brakes that were on the test JaBronson were great, but swapping between bikes is slightly easier (for me) when the brakes are similar.  I've even noticed that going from the XTR Trail brakes on one bike to the XTR (Race?) brakes on another can be a challenging concept to wrap my simple brain around.

Yeah, I'd love to put XTR Trail on my JaBronson, but I've all but blown the budget on this bike.  Besides, the XT brakes are black and stealthy and... aesthetics... because... burrito.

All that and the fact that I've gotten used to the Shimano "two brakes, one cup" bleed technique.  I like mineral oil, and I don't wanna learn new bleed tricks.  One kind of brake pad to keep on the peg board.  The less complex I can make owning a geared bike, the better.

So refreshing to be sweating tiny details of a bike instead of all the other stuff I got going on.  Still a couple more weeks to go, and then life will be crazy and then life will be normal and maybe even better than normal.  Until that time, I'll just close my eyes when I'm feeling overwhelmed and imagine that I'm piloting my JaBronson down Upper Black.

Dark matters.

I have to acknowledge that the time change has some kind of effect on my mental state.  A serious doldrum to start the week, for sure.  An almost inexplicable grayness in my core.  Stupid circadian rhythm or something. 

I'm willing to bet that it's an "old people" thing.

Where are my slippers?


Dan Peters said...

How about a post on that Shimano bleed technique ...

dicky said...


Sir Chico Demonte III said...

Get off my damn lawn!

Derron Tanner said...

Will you sell me your guide ultimates? How much?

dicky said...


I'll more than likely be selling them at some point. No idea how much yet.