Wednesday, January 7

Keep your enemies closer

If you spend a lot of time reading and rereading the infrequent updates on the Breck Epic Blog then you might know that yesterday was the LAST day to get in your blogger grant application... but then again voting was supposed to start on January 1st, so I'm not sure BE promoter Mike McCormack was looking at a calender when he planned all this out. Anyways, it's probably safe to assume that if you're in now you're in and if you ain't, well then you ain't.

What's the blogger's grant all about? Basically we (the applicants) want a free entry to the Breck Epic, and in exchange we are willing to write some stuff about our training and experience at the actual race. There will only be four winners selected, and since there are 15 applicants the decision will be left to your discretion and the power of the popular vote (no electoral college BS here).

So let's talk about me. Why do you want to take the time outta your busy day and vote for me (once you get the chance to vote on the soon to be public website Well according to the rules if I win I will have to submit 4 training/general articles (1,000 words minimum) prior to the event and one per day (500 word minimum) while the event is in progress. I've done the math... that's 7,000 more words coming outta my brain to the keyboard to your monitor. These words will not be available here on, but they will show up on the BE site. Since each winning blogger will also be ‘paired’ with one of the industry publications (race journals only) will be forwarded along to a designated publisher with the sole intent that it be allowed to be published on that publication’s website. Why wouldn't you want that?

More Dicky in more places.

Now the voting isn't up yet, but my application is. Take note that mine is application #1. Does that mean I'm the number one seed? No. Does that mean I was the most enthusiastic applicant who got in first because as soon as the application was posted up I dropped everything and got mine in toot sweet? Yes, yes it does. Drop everything? Check out my post from the morning I sent in my application. Pretty weak, huh? Almost as bad as some of those people clinging to my sidebar. I want this pretty bad, and I'm not saying that I'm not gonna start schmearing the competition, but if it comes down to it muck will be raked and the pooh will be flung. This is serious funny business.

Some of you might be thinking "I thought you were going to this race no matter what, so why vote for you so you can go for free?". Then again, if you are the type of person that thinks you probably don't read my blog much....

Yeah, I've been planning on doing this race since 2007. I'll go whether you vote me in or not, but consider this. For 2009 I will be working with a budget. With the recession hitting everywhere I have to actually think about what I want to do, look at the costs, and then make plans. If I end up paying for the Breck Epic entry I may have to cut back on my "season" for 2009. That means less racing, and let's face the facts here, I'm pretty boring when I'm not racing. I end up writing gushing, ass kissing posts about sponsors, making fun of Peter, and writing about things like vikings, fork improvements, and submarine movies. Also, and therefore thusly I'd have to come up with 7,000 more words of stuff for you to read, and for the first time ever you'd get daily reports from the field of battle.

I'll harp on the topic more when the voting starts... trust me.

Other things worthy of note:

Asheville Allan (he has a blog and has been updating recently in order to get back in the good graces of the sidebar) let me know that Todd Branham (organizer of the most important race on the international cycling calender) is PROPOSING a stage race in Pisgah this October. If it happens (and at the right price) it will be a priority for me later this year. Sweet.

Also, I'm still encouraging folks to comment on whether or not they would want a 2009 Bad Idea Racing jersey. Go here for the details. Just a thought... would a much cheaper and more comfortable to drink beer in technical T-shirt be a better idea (you know, the cool, wicking kind.. but much more tacky)?? Let me know.


the original big ring said...

I'd take a much cheaper t-shirt, because I'm much cheap-o.

Guitar Ted said...

On the technical t-shirt idea. Umm......I can make my own sleevless wife beater t-shirt dude. Give me a jersey! (I will gladly pay for it!)

On writing about Vikings and submarine movies: I actually thought you were pretty dang funny when writing about that stuff.

Soooo, if you get the BE blogger discount, are you saying your 7000 words will come at the expense of this site? I ain't votin' you in if it means I can't come here to get my unadulterated, unfiltered Dicky in the morning. You can bet on that!

dicky said...


I can assure you that content will never be lacking here. I will do my best to never resort to the "post up a youtube video and a sentence" post, the "photo to sum up a week" post, or the "I've got nothing to blog about" post.

cornfed said...

The red winged tech t I wore at SSWC is a Swiftwick Tech T, they have some sleeveless. Might shoot sharpie or gRant an email about pricing if you start leaning less jersey more t.

Personally, the tech t is my normal riding attire when it's not wool weather. Then again, a good full zip jersey is the bees knees.

Thad (still working hard on his irregular regularity)

Guitar Ted said...

Dicky: Ah....good then. I get a little ornery in the morning, so it's best not to upset the morning routine, if ya catch my drift.

bentcrank said...

I'd be in for a cheaper T shirt. No cabbage for the full meal deal.

jonnyb said...

Two words:


Sandblogger said...

Really only 3 slots left to fight over considering the hilarity and excellence of King Dicky's Blog.

Anonymous said...

I'd be up for a T-shirt. Problem with the last Jersey was it was obsolete by the time it got to my door.

dicky said...

Said the victim of planned obseletion.

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