Friday, February 27

Way to go Dickbert Dickstein

Thank you Faces of Dicky

Yesterday I got up before my alarm went off, so I shut it off so it wouldn't wake up the sleeping Pie twenty minutes later. Of course I forgot to turn it back on last night, so I woke up this AM when I heard The Boy leaving for school. So, with the lack of time to blog this morning instead of posting anything of merit you will get babble. Sorry.

Yesterday I used way too many words to basically say this:

Come out and race the Breck Epic with me this July and have a lot of fun. The more people that show up the better the race will be and the better the chance that the race will be around a long time. I guess I just feel overly passionate about a bona fide stage race in the U.S., and since I'm a long winded typist I guess I got outta hand.

BTW: I didn't see it until this morning, but on Monday Mike McCormack put up some info about the pricing you can read for yourself. I shoulda just linked over there and saved myself some time.

Whoever you are Robin would you please email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com? Be ye man, woman, or the true Boy Wonder I just wanna communicate outside of the blogosphere.

This weekend there is rain in the forecast from tonight till sometime Sunday. A planned trip to the mountains seems unlikely, and local riding will not be an option. This is going to suck. I have my first race in about five weeks. Although it's only a six hour race (Six Hours of Warrior Creek) I would love to be in some semblance of shape by then. With The Pie being outta town for two of those five weeks I'd say I'm pretty well fricked, so I guess the closest thing I can do to getting into shape is shedding the winter pounds now. Since I won't be increasin my riding at all that just means watching what I eat, and saying "no" to goodies. Meh.

So, no riding this weekend unless I really wanna ride. It will probably mean *gulp* a road ride or some kinda urban assault mission. Either way it's gonna feel more like "training" than riding, so the fun factor will be greatly limited.

The worst part about sleeping in late was that I was dreaming about some weird party and being interrogated and psycho analyzed by some strange girl about my blog and the motivation and reasons behind it. I'm gonna be creeped out all day now.


Tomi said...

that wasn't a dream.....

Big Bikes said...

You did alright for a guy with a "lack of time to blog".


LeYonce said...

Hey Rich, perusing my April '09 issue of "Mountain Bike" (included with Bicycling magazine) and spotted a blurb about your blog on page 22. This should be worth triple points in the Breck Epic blog contest.

dicky said...


I'll have to take a look at that. I'm pretty sure I still get the mag with my subscription to Bicycling.

LeYonce said...

...and while your at it look on the next page for a quote from your blog.

dicky said...