Friday, May 22

In honor of Speed Street

I know I said I wouldn't post, but these images can't wait.

Dude and I getting our "man on" in the "Ultimate Man Zone":

photo cred Big Worm

Sorry, but that banner ad that plagued Fatty's blog makes me think Elden is synonymous with Combos. We stayed in the "Ultimate Man Zone" for over three hours and not once did anything remarkably manly happen in "the zone".

And from the mind and computer of Erik Van Driver....

You have to admit this is pretty good (look at the details folks).


Anonymous said...

I'm man enough to buy me one 'o them thar Dicky NASCAR posters ... How much?


dicky said...

Somewhere between $5 and $1,000,000

(signed would be more)

WF: subsaxes

I assume those are instruments in the brass section of a naval band.

duotone said...

Dude, nice work on the photoshop, I particularly like the double chin you added... auh, I mean... did you add it?

Billy Fehr said...

Brilliant effort indeed man! Toonday Ms. Arcen and I worked your canoe for over 4hrs on Badin Lake off of Kings Mountain Point. Thanks for the laugh and the buoyant pastoral experience with my kid!!

The Evil MGE! said...

Add some glasses and its Bill Elliot. I dig your car...How long you think those I-9's would hold up to the track?

Anonymous said...

That is some funny shit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yah see this:

got it from Harlan's site...

Why you no have some of those lads up to you're regular bloggers???

Harlan blogs a lot now.
Harlan is one fast mofo.
Harlan goes against the norm.
Harlan is always a good chat.

Boost him up a notch will yah!