Tuesday, June 2

Nothing to See Here: Part Two

Instead of pissing people off again talking about how Rush Limbaugh is a stooge for the paper plate industry I will instead be playing "the card" again:

Yes, there are 1,000+ more words to read over on my Breck Epic blog on This is an opportunity to read something I had to actually put thought into as opposed to this stuff that falls outta my brain at 5:30AM.

Stuff like:

Yes it might have been interesting to read about my strict dietary regimen and intense training building up for the event. But any such talk is total fabrication, an out and out lie to try to impress any readers and maybe even intimidate (not likely) my fellow competitors in the single speed class at the Breck Epic.

Yes, I'm spreading the Fjear VIA the media outlet I have at my disposal. For all those folks that came here from the link in my article on only to see that I'm linking back to I offer no apologies. I'm sure if you scroll down you'll find something else to read that's worthwhile (although I imagine I'll lose half of you with my controversial Melamine plate post from yesterday).

Morning weight report:

8.9% BF**

* I've been stagnant since Sunday at this very weight.
** You can see the discrepancy in the fat % numbers as I've had 8.6%, 7.8%, and 8.9% all at the exact same weight over the last three days. Meh.

Look away and go read the freakin' article already.

Big thanks to Brado for sticking my head on Breaking Away's Moocher (I used the photo in the article).


Blair said...

Brado is so thoughtful. He even cut a hole in the back of your cowboy hat for your mullet to go through.

Business in the front, party in the back!

brado1 said...

mullets rule! glad i could help!

Big Bikes said...

Your Non-Posts are still longer than most people's posts.

Just my brilliant observation for the day.


Peter Keiller said...

I realize discussions concerning melamine became quite heated...but I wonder if you could briefly discuss the upcoming speech at the University of Cairo.
Obviously not within the predictable context of Islam and future relations with the Muslim world but more as it pertains to intervals, spastic weight-loss and blue crotchless pantaloons.

Thank you in advance.
Love your blog, super informatives.

Anonymous said...

I like your posts. I like your mitt.
Will you sell me your mitt?

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