Thursday, June 18

Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

I've been so busy sweating the details for the Breck Epic in two weeks that I haven't done much preparing for the Cowbell Marathon this weekend. This will be my first Cowbell without my Suzuki Samurai in my pits, and it stings just a little knowing it won't be in my corner. That little truck-like thing had some mojo.


Sounds like there's gonna be a competitive SS class, so whatever. I'll do what I can all the while keeping my eye on the prize. The single speed class goes off with the open pros and masters, while the amateurs and teams go off 15-45 seconds later. Should be a nice bit of mayhem trying to stay out front on the 6.3 mile road section before we hit the very tight 4+ miles section of singletrack. Have I said "meh" yet?

Team Dicky Cowbell History Lesson:

2003: I was leading the solo class on my Ellsworth Truth going into the second lap of the 12 hour race. My American Classic wheel blew the hell up, and after unsuccessfully cruising the pits for a new wheel I went home and went hamster shopping with my family. Tyler Benedict (Bike Rumor guy) took the win (and my pride) home with him that day.

2004: I ended up 4th solo male on my not-yet-rigid single speed. This was my first endurance race on a single speed ever.

2005: The promoter opened up a single speed class, and I win it. Hooray for the local boy done good.

2006: Local boy wins the SS class again (ho-hum)... I came close to the first place solo male (Eddie O'Dea) finishing eight minutes back, and missing out on my dream of being first overall on my SS.

2007: I had to skip the event to attend some lame ride with Mark Weir in Downieville. Mom says I'm still a winner. In truth I only skipped out because I heard Fuzzy and Dejay were coming to town, and I owed them money.

2008: I went out hard in some nasty heat and came down with some weird stomach stuff that took me outta the race while running in second place. Did I just hear you say "Awwwwww..."? Too bad for me, but at least I'm motivated to come back this year and not quit.

2009: This year will be a new format. The race has always been a 12 hour jobber, but this year it's a 55+ mile marathon. My hopes are to not suck, quit, or get hurt. High aspirations, I know, but when it comes right down to it all I can think about is July 5th.

I won't be blogging tomorrow AM. Since I've been pissing away all my spare time polishing my MOOTS for a GQ cover shoot I've neglected to prepare for this weekend. Sorry, but perhaps you can go peruse the new which changed it's format recently (but not its anti-Team Dicky stance). I don't like it, but that's because I'm geriatric now, and I hate anything new. Look over their site, try to find some contact info (I couldn't), and tell them what you think of the new site and that this anti-Team Dicky aggression will not stand.

"I'm really digging this new White Russian flavored Cytomax."


Jason said...

You have no frame of reference! Shit, I wish Cytomax had the same effect as a White Russian (and vice versa)

jkeiffer said...

Bridges appears to be giving it his own version of you seal of semi-approval...