Wednesday, July 15

New sponsor news

I figure I'll babble more about the Breck Epic later, but I feel like I should get this information out in a timely manner. Back when published my last painstakingly well written 1,000+ word article I mentioned my timely purchase of the Awesome Strap. As any of you that have read my blog for awhile know I've been sweating how to carry my shit when I'm racing for quite some time. From fanny packs, to saddle bags, to hydration humps, to jersey pockets, to the unused orifices of my body... you name it. Well anyways I was looking into getting a strap, and found that there were two manufacturers of bike related straps out there. I looked at the features, compared the prices, and made my selection.

After I made my decision I ponied up the cash VIA Paypal to purchase the Awesome Strap, and I tacked on a little extra loot for Priority USPS shipping. A few hours later I got an email that my shipping was refunded, and that shipping was free. I replied back that I added the shipping dollars in order to ensure that it would get here in time for the Cowbell Marathon so I could test it before I headed out to Breckenridge. Then I got a strange reply back. Something about "Are you THE Rich Dillen?" As in "THE Bill Cosby"*, "THE Micheal Jordan", or "THE Real Mark Lepper".

And that's how it started. I paid for the strap like a normal human being as opposed to sending an email to Backcountry Research saying "I'm THE Rich Dillen, so gimme some shit for free". That way there were no strings attached, and if I hated the product there was no love lost. Well Richard Clark of Backcountry Research was pretty confident that I would dig his product, and offered to sponsor the whole team here at Bad Idea Racing, but I felt like the Awesome Strap needed a shakedown before I agreed. That was the Cowbell Marathon.

Real action shot taken by Big Worm, not a posed promotional photo

Well it performed as advertised, and I decided it would be my strap of choice for future events, and thusly I would agree to partner up with Backcountry Research and accept my first strap sponsor EVER! Victory!!

Richard sent me a few to take with me to Breckenridge, but I have to admit I only ran one of them while I was in Colorado. I installed it for a ride with the MOOTSfolks Thursday before the race, I left it on the bike for eleven days straight, and it never budged or dropped any part of its load. I just hit it with the hose and ignored it the whole time.

Not convinced? Watch the video and sit back and enjoy a theatrical experience that could hardly be called a "demonstration". Feel the drama as Richard entices you to "reef it down" and the titillating excitement as he beckons you to "go ahead and load it".



Yeah, I'm digging this product, and I give it my...

Seal of Semi Approval.

Why only semi-approval?

It only comes in black. This is a great color choice if you are not secure in your manhood and feel the need to relate to Johnny Cash on some level in order to show the world you are truly heterosexual, but a guy like me can pull off pink as well as the day is long (what does that mean?). Aside from this minor exception to absolute perfection the Awesome Strap passes the muster, and I must insist that you buy one today... actually make that two since the only thing more awesome than having one would be the doubly awesome experience of having two. Good lord, think of the implications if you actually bought three....

I shudder just thinking about that much awesomeness.

* From Bill Cosby's "Himself"


MattD said...

Dood, my awesomeness increased exponentially once I began using the Awesome Strap!

EL SandPine said...

If is good for Dicky then is good for me! Just placed my order.

Peter Keiller said...

Does BILL ever take a photo of you that includes more then your ass?

He's such an exploitist...geez.

jay said...

I'm pretty sure I am going to have to get one of those straps. That looks great.

cornfed said...

Puh-lease, DON'T EVEN put yourself into the same category or league as THE REAL MARK LEPPER!

Think you're awesome with your strap? You'll have to check out my blog post later for the EXTREME AWESOMENESS of the "Back Forty" Awesome Strap.

Get Awesome!

dicky said...

Back 40?

Been there, doing that.

Rick Sunderlage said...

I've been running electrical tape for years. This looks like a much better set up. Just placed an order.

Anonymous said...

Peter beat me to the Billy observation. I'd be worried.


Billy Fehr said...

I can't help it, when it's in blue it is like staring at a photon ruckus, the lens cannot look away.

Anyways....I really adore my Awesome Strap as well I have one on the coat tails of his majesty's sponsorship. Mine is so awesome I wear it to bed as a reminder bracelet of just how awesome it really is. Every morning I wake up with the awesome strap's awesomeness next to my face under the pillow.
Peter....funny shit about the heated seat with the cops tailing on new mountain roads!! I did laugh and almost choke on my water as Dickie Dillon told the sweaty speeding story.