Wednesday, August 26

Still caught in a mosh

It might take awhile before I can get back into my self absorbed world and start some quality blogging again. My thought pattern needs to be at least 50% bike related for me to really have enough blather to fill a whole standard length post. You see I have a running mental narrative throughout the day, and each day's blog post is basically a concise Reader's Digest version of that narrative. My obsessive/compulsive nature really takes over when I have a major issue in my life, so I tend to drift off into a world of conversations that may never happen with others and possible scenarios and just how I will handle them. Not worrying about the future has never been one of my strong suits.

I've been considering racing this weekend at the Widmer Brothers Rivers Edge Mountain Bike Marathon. It's local, only fifty miles, and taking place on my favorite Charlotte area trail. The price is right, and there's beer and food after the race, but I still have a few sticking points (don't I always). The race starts at 9:00am, and I'm figuring it would be a five hour (or less) endeavor. So I think I could finish up @ 2:00pm and assuming (and it's just an assumption) I could make the podium I would want to stick around for the awards. There's the hitch... the awards are at 5:00pm. I'd be selling this on the homefront as a quick local race, but it looks like I could be gone from the house from 7:30am to 6:00pm, which is about the same amount of time I need for a road trip to the mountains, and pretty much negates 100% of Saturday's family time (a week before the Shenandoah 100). Sometimes life is all about priorities.

Speaking of priorities...

I realize I haven't put to much effort into Peter's contest recently. Although this guy has decided to declare an all out war just for the sake of beating me I haven't mustered the strength to duke it out lately. Sure, when the Nummers first came out I was trying to think of things I could do on such a fun little machine, but when it comes down to it how much money could I sink into it if I won the frame?

Peter "I'm so rad" Keiller taking the Nummers off a sweet jump.

Lately I've been thinking about getting a road bike (*gasp*) or maybe even an all mountainy geared machine (another *gasp*) for shits and giggles. Usually the reality of our economy reminds me how stupid it would be to sink that kinda money into a new bike when I only get in about one recreational ride per week. Sure, if I lost my job I could ride more, but the guilt associated with the recent purchase of a sweet rig would cause an inner turmoil that would rival the battle between good Kirk and bad Kirk.

Being somewhat of a bike geek who's interested in all things bike related it sure is hard not to dispose of some disposable income every once and awhile on something new that promises (according to it's marketing propaganda) to change the way I roll over the surface of this fine (but rapidly decaying) planet.

So if you place a vote for me by clicking some random link to Peter's blog keep in mind I have no idea what the hell I can do with the frame if I win it.


cornfed said...

Thanks, ya shill. Now you'll get a road bike, win another Nomad, AND get the nummers frame. If you write it, they'll come... jerk.

Big Bikes said...

Hope whatever badness what's going on sorts itself out soon.

On the bike purchase...
Road Bike's are alright but Trail bikes are wicked fun. Got one last fall and it kept me stoked to ride until the snow fell. So different from riding an SS XC bike. You can ride with slower folks on their fast bikes and still work hard while spending the entire ride looking for things to hurl yourself off. The bike tells you to do dumb things, it's awesome.


Peter Keiller said...

For the record that was a TWO inch brick under the ply...ya...I stuck the landing. Bitches.

"I'd try but I don't know, like when I win, if I win, cause I could win (if I wanted to win) I just don't know what I'd do with the prize...gosh I hope I don't win...don't vote for me, please don't..."

drew said...

I love my "all mountain" bike, we've raced XC and DH together and did shuttled weekends at snowshoe.... But I have been listing after a fine ti hard tail no thanks to the Lynskey familly.
But don't get a road bike, get a cross bike and make moots give it to you.

Anonymous said...

"Should I shouldn't I race this weekend? (Gasp, what happens if I podium?)". "Should I shouldn't I try to win the Nummers thingy?"



Anonymous said...

what you boyz need is - a race called the Heineken hauler.
The race would consist of using either a SS or CX bike on dirt roads only.

The race would consist of hauling a 5L keg on one's back.

Hitting strategic points of interest. At these points, one would pick up beer caps to prove you have been to that point of interest. At these points, a sign states how many cups of beer one must drink.

The objective of the race - to get highly loaded, first priority. Second, to collect neat beer caps. Third, to finish the race in the top 10.

someone should have a race like this. In the spring - we have the shooter chlallge - involves going through the neighbourhood on a mtb. Hitting key points. Having a shooter... then doing more stunts and stuff...
Objective - to get loaded to all hell!