Tuesday, October 27


For some odd reason whenever the MOOTSblog gets updated it never gets bumped to the top of my "Regularity Issues" column, so I stop over there from time to time to see what's new with my main sponsor that they're not telling me directly. The other day I clicked over and saw a video segment Vail TV8 had done when they paid MOOTS a visit to feature them on Colorado Finds.

The main person that TV celebrity Kirsten Ginnity interviews is my contact at MOOTS, Jon Cariveau. When I give MOOTS a call he's the guy on the other end picking up the phone to deal with all my stuff. When I bell them up to ask if they can get my blue kits any bluer for 2010 he's the guy on the other end saying "No". When I want to know if I can get one of every kind of frame MOOTS manufactures as part of my 2010 contract he's the one who has the pleasure of saying "You've got to be shitting me". When I ask if there's any way I could quit my job and race full time he's the person with his head on his shoulders telling me to check my results*and keep my day job. He's almost like Mike Piazza, except he's a real person and not the manifestation of some third personality of mine.

The video is kinda cool if you wanna see titanium being cut, mitered, squished, welded, blasted, and filed. There's also a dog, a trumpet, and the little ghost boy from Three Men and a Baby in the background if you watch close enough. I was kinda disappointed that they didn't go upstairs and get the camera into the apartment where I stayed back in July. You'd think people would want to see where uber blogger/unprofessional racer Rich Dillen and his man at arms Pete-unh had laid their weary heads, ate meals, and watched scrambled porn while staying at The Mothership.

*If you bothered to click the link over to my results you would see my new header image that was taken by George Wissell while we were in Durango. I like the fact that this image is at the top of my race results, yet I wasn't racing at the time the image was taken and apparently I'm not even riding along the actual trail.

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George said...

You should totally change the banner, the picture really captures your best attribute.