Friday, October 30

Urban outlaw bjound?

This weekend I intend to accomplish the shit outta some things. All the time I spend at work sans interweb has me backed up in a few areas. I want to make some headway as far as the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys go. The problem for me is that I wanna see the whole project laid out in my mind before I go committing to the execution, as opposed to going in balls out without a plan and hoping that it all works out. That may work for racing, but when I'm involving others in my life I don't wanna let people down.

The other project would be "designing" a new messenger bag. I use the term "designing" pretty loosely since I'm just gonna come up with some ideas as to how to make a better messenger bag and then forward them to Tamas at Bagaboo. I already have a Workhorse bag, but the flap is showing some unusual wear, and I think I might wanna replace it before the wet winter we're expecting. Tamas has upgraded his outter material to 1000 Denier Cordura and his main strap is now seatbelt webbing to prevent fraying. Tamas is usually okay with adding a few features (like my water bottle holder), but this go around I've got a lot of ideas as to how I want this bag to work. If the price is right I'm in, but for what I want it might just get a little silly. We'll see. If you want a bag that will make you look really cool on your hipster bike I highly recommend the Bagaboo stuff, and if you want fancy custom bag you should definitely check out just what he can do with cordura, thread, and some patience.

My current bag, but in it's better days.

This weekend I'm also gonna try to sneak out on a short mountain bike ride on Saturday, and then maybe squeeze in a outlaw urban cyclocross race on Sunday. I worked pretty hard last night getting my cross bike together.

Yeah, that's my cross bike... or errrrr... the closest thing I got. It does have cross tires, and the Misfit FU2 bars are kinda swoopy, so why not call it a cross bike? Other tidbits include a 36X19 fixed gear on a Phil Wood hub (built by Unlucky Drew), an old, rebuilt (by the outlaw cross race promoter) Bontrager OEM front wheel (taco'ed while on loan to Big Worm), eBay fork (powder coated pink while in the Big Worm's possession), a headset that is half Race Face and half prototype Cane Creek Aer Headset, and some other sundrious stuff I had laying around.


See that stack of shit behind the beautiful cross bike? Those are boxes left over my moving my mom that I have yet to deal with yet. There are even more boxes at her place that are still unpacked. So I got that going against me, and I still need to spend quality time with the family that doesn't include unpacking boxes, grocery shopping, leaf raking, bike maintenance, or watching mixed martial arts on VSTV. My ability to attend the outlaw urban cross race is hanging in the balance, so you might just have to go without me (or come over and help me wade through this world of piled high shit).

Speaking of races and such I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that registration is open for SSUSA/SSAZ. Only the first 100 people get in, so register soon and often. Spend a Febraury weekend in Arizona and maybe you'll get to see Dejay act like a grown man while you're there (not likely).


zencycle said...

I'm dyin' ta see an attempt at an off-camber hairpin turn or a graceful dismount off a fixed gear on the last lap of a cross race.

dicky said...

Been there and done that.

Joshua Stamper said...

Its not so much a dismount as it is a ejection from the bike.

Anonymous said...

You build me a bag that lasts through winter, holds my cloths, keeps dry... and I will buy!

My current bag is falling apart.

I need a good bag.
I need a bag that lasts
I need a bag that is water proof.

Has to go through ice and snow
Has to withstand salt and crap
Has to keep dry as I bike all year around, even in -40oC and slush...

build it and I will come. Not Cum.

Jason said...

However long of reading this and I JUST noticed "Dick Suppot". Rock on Dick. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

Bear witness to my "commenting comeback". I'm back and lazy-er than ever. Although i am without a nick-name (apparently "wonderboy" was recycled during dicky's latest "going green" campaign. I hope the new owner does as little to earn it as I did.((good luck getting my stank out of it.)) my commenting isn't likely to lose any of it's pizazz. Since the last time I blogmented, not much has changed. I'm still breathing and my bowel movements are hit or miss. I still haven't figured out how to add links or pictures to my blogments, but I will keep trying so as not to dissapoint my loyal readers.

(the guy formerly known as "wonderboy)

p.s. Is "wonderbread" taken? How about " his royal deli-ness"?

p.s. Is "wonderbread" taken? how baout " his royal deli-ness?

p.s Is