Friday, November 6

Heaving help me

This weekend will see some bike related activity, but no actual bike riding worth mentioning. I'm gonna do my best to get out and see some cross action on Saturday, if just for the fact that it's a fifteen minute bike ride from my house. Although some AM beers would be nice I do have to attend an adoption expo where The Pie will be speaking later in the day, so morning beers will need to be kept to a minimum. On Sunday I've prioritized the annual swap meet; The Big Stampede. I missed it last year due to a funeral in Ohio, so this year I'm coming back with a vengeance... well, a reserved vengeance due to my work slow down, but a vengeance all the same. I've got a shopping list ready to go, and I'll still have my eye out for that $700 SRAM Force equipped road bike... ummm... yeah.

I've asked Mike Piazza (gear coordinator) to do a quick inventory around the bike room just to make sure we got all our bases covered.

"I think we got plenty of chains, but if we see a case or two of PC-1's we should probably jump on them."

In other (not necessarily) news...

Pete-unh has taken an interest in improving my IT department by suggesting that folks donate money to the Team Dicky Facility Upgrade Fund. I'm not sure what inspired him to do this exactly, but his efforts are appreciated somewhat like I appreciate a free cookie, but not the kind of free cookie that someone gives me, but more like the cookie with one bite taken out of it that I might find in the garbage can on top of all the other garbage and above the rim (Constanza rules in play). Like the unwanted cookie liberated from a garbage can I'm not sure I want the help, I know I don't need it, but I'll probably take advantage of the opportunity if it's there. Even if I upgraded my computer related hardware I can assure you that the quality of my posts would NOT improve one iota even with the purchase of a MAC or a shiny new desk made of particle board held together with plastic hardware. I've got the kind of problems you can't just throw money at to make them go away. For all his supposed enthusiasm you will have to look really close at his blog to even find out about his efforts to help me. Look at it... over there in his right hand sidebar... under the heading Propaganda... Team Dicky Fund. That's it. Hardly an overwhelming effort, but it's the thought (or lack thereof) that counts. Heck, I'm still waiting for that shiny new Nummers frame for winning (I have to assume I won) that popularity contest that ended last month, but maybe he is waiting for the donations to pour in so he can save money on shipping and box up my frame, hoodie, and jersey with a big novelty check. I really like those big checks, don't you know.

So anyways, go ahead and click this...

if you wanna see me writing my blog like this (just a dramatic representation of what could be):

Good thing I already have the MR T poster. That will save at least $4.50 of your hard earned money.

Pete-unh is encouraging you to spread the word... that's up to you. I can't say I would actually think there will be enough money raised for a MAC or anything similar, but I was thinking about buying a netbook for remote blogging from exotic race locations next year. You know, those periods when the blog goes dormant for a week at a time and rumors of my disappearance start popping up all over the web.

One week till the big Hush Hush ride. Are you ready?


Big Bikes said...

Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but I'm picturing Mr. T. with a cartoon bubble coming out of his mouth saying "I pity the fool that don't hang in there, Kitty!"

That would make ME hang in there for sure.

I heard (maybe on NPR), that Mr. T, has been going through a lot of therapy. He now says " I empathize with the fool." He's growing.


dicky said...

From last night's 30 Rock:

""That's what I'm talking about, empathy. It's about as useless as the Winter Olympics"

The Evil MGE! said...

Last I heard you were in something like 4th place in the contest. Hard to believe I know, being the interweb cycling demi god your are, but facts are facts and this time you just didn't have it.

dicky said...


Poppycock and hearsay I tell you.
I'm a winner.

Anonymous said...

It was there, hovering above the an angel.

Anonymous said...

Is that a Wham mousepad?

Sully said...

Yes, it is a Wham! mousepad. Too bad he already has one of those too.