Wednesday, November 4

More excitement here at Bad Idea Racing headquarters

Last week while discussing (at great length, mind you) the topic of my wrists and how I remedied my somewhat painful situation I flippantly threw out a comment regarding the need for a new computer monitor. Mike Piazza actually reads my blog (although he waits for the weekends to read it in five day chunks), and decided he'd help me get rid of the beast that I purchased at Value Village for $13 when my last hunk of shit monitor died.

So Mike Piazza dug through the box of used shit and struck a deal with the proprietor of Phoenix Crank Polishing and Helmet Buffing; one pair of Salsa Carbon 17 degree sweep bars for one slightly used Flatron 2000 monitor. While I was thrilled to have a new (to me) monitor I was disappointed that there was very little room for modifications (stickers), and that a monitor without flames or skulls was worse than having no monitor at all. We hemmed and hawed over the options of old monitor (with flames and skulls), new monitor (with no flames or skulls), and no monitor (with no flames, skulls, or screen to see what I'm doing), and we came up with a happy compromise.

It would seem as if everybody is happy with this option. Camelbak bite valve for a head guy has more room to ride around, the bodiless alligator can get outta his wreckless path as he wizzes by without a care in the world (like a CO2 tossing superstar), and the Stan's/Slime alien booger now has a permanent place of residence.

On the backside of the monitor there is now a shit ton of spare room on my work bench. I was pretty excited about that added bonus as I could always use more room on my bench to spread out my tools thus making them harder to find. We put in the monitor on Saturday night, and by Sunday morning I discovered what Mike Piazza had been planning all along.

A horse farm.

Mike Piazza had always been dropping hints, but I told him there just wasn't enough room for a horse farm in the house. Being a stubborn man with great facial hair he decided to prove me wrong when he got the chance. I let him keep them for a few days, but when the miniature horse shit started piling up and he refused to clean up after them the horses had to go.

Other exciting news on the IT front here at Bad Idea Racing, Mike Piazza (head IT guy) and I decided to go ahead and renew the URL TEAMDICKY.COM for another year. I didn't buy it originally a year ago, but someone close and very dear to me thought it would make a great Christmas present back when I was debating a new format for the blog. Now I find myself trapped in what is sure to be an endless cycle (not to be confused with an Endless Bicycle). If I fail to renew the URL then someone else could buy it and do as they please with it, and that just won't do. Someone could buy TEAMDICKY.COM and turn into a porn site or even worse... a bad porn site. I did realize a certain benefit associated with keeping the URL to myself. Since I own TEAMDICKY.COM (which is seven letters shorter than the cost on my custom jerseys should go down. Sure, if I was doing subliminated jerseys again it wouldn't make a difference, but this time I'm just gonna pick up some cheap jerseys at the swap meet, buy some iron-on felt letters at Micheal's Craft Store, and do them myself. Should turn out pretty cool, right?

Remember, I'm always looking out for you.


Anonymous said...

"Daddy, I want a Team Dicky Jersey"

says the little girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when the Oompa Loompa idea did not work out so well for her.

kevin b said...

Looks like you need a new PASA sticker for that monitor.

Peter Keiller said...

let us forget jersey's and limp wrists.
can we PLEASE take up a donation for a new desk for you. if there are any dp's left we'll get you a mac.

i will start a campaign thursday.

EndlessBikeCo. said...

I love the crazy toys.

dicky said...


I need a desk that is eight feet long and can take a bench vise. I've never seen one like that at Staples. My current "desk" is just fine, even though the crazy guy who collects refrigerators that gave it to me found it not quite up to snuff.


What toys?

Peter Keiller said...

Correction Dicky.
You need a DESK and a WORKBENCH.
Leave the Swiss Army'ing to knives.

the original big ring said...

I can't wait my little one is old enough to have dolly toys so that I can play with them too.
My little pony.

Anonymous said...

the horse farm was the best thing i've seen/read in a long time. Nice.