Wednesday, November 25

Not just a penile enlargement ad

First things first...

I have been talking cranks for the past two days. I'd love to drop the topic and move on, but due to my itchy delete finger I can't. Last night I was checking my email, and I found one in my junk mail box that wasn't a penile enlargement ad or a Nigerian prince in trouble. The email was titled "cranks", and the sender's name was Matthew Knudsen, or Mark Knudstrom, or Jason Statham... I don't remember.

I opened it, but being that it was stuck in my spam box there was an additional step in the process in order to fully open it. Instead of clicking see content I accidentally clicked delete. Do you know what happens when you delete something from your junk mail? It goes away forever.

So was this Mark, Matthew, or Jason offering up even more reasons to stay away from ISIS? Did he have a pair of new XTR's laying around that he didn't need? Is he the head of marketing at Shimano, and he wants to sponsor me for life (as long as I throw away my case of SRAM PC-1's)? Was it just a very sneaky ad for penis enlargement or a Nigerian prince who wants my Middleburns in order to flee from his country? I guess I'll never know. Matthew... or Mark, or Jason, if you read this send me another email, and I will gladly accept your advice, cranks, sponsorship, or help you escape Nigeria.

Last weekend the TranSylvania Stage Race had a press camp. I knew about it slightly ahead of time as promoter Mike Kuhn sent me an invite (with about three days advanced notice). This could only mean a few things:

#1 The invite was one of those "I know you probably already have plans, but..." kinda things.

#2 Some legitimate member of the cycling press bailed out at the last minute, and after desperately trying to get Bike Snob or Fatty to attend (and failing) there was now an empty bunk.

#3 Mike Cushionbury was insisting on a snuggle partner.

#4 Selene Yeager wanted someone to keep Mike entertained so she wouldn't be distracted while doing some legitimate media type business.

I'm guessing that the answer was number four as Selene's blog has been updated with a very flattering (but slightly distracted sounding) preview after getting to ride some of the trails that will make up various stages of the race. If you're even slightly aware of your surroundings you've probably noticed that the TranSylvania Stage Race has been the only race on my 2010 "Season" calender for quite some time. I have put it on the high priority list, and it shall remain there unless unforeseen circumstances put it outta my grasps.

Next "Season" is still somewhat up in the air. I definitely have some things I wanna do, but it's coming down to money, real money... amigo money. No dough, no show. Obviously the TranSylvania is high on my priority list. I'm also considering taking another crack at the Breck Epic. Struggling in the thin air having recently just been deemed "barely not anemic" was difficult last July, so I have to admit I'm curious to see how it would feel if I were fully recovered. I don't think I can beat those high elevation living bastages, but I just feel like there might be some unfinished business there... besides, it's riding a bike on singletrack that's above 9,000 feet. It's simply glorious.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Pee Ya has some of the best trails on the East Coast, and the idea of a stage race up that way tickled my fancy back when Mike first told me about it this summer. I can't get the notion of going up there outta my head, so I'm gonna do what I can to be sure I'm on the starting line this May.


I will be dead to the blog world over the holidays, so rake your leaves, clean your gutters, or read a graphic novel instead of checking here for updates. I won't be here, so neither should you.

Why not race your bike here next May?


Nathan said...

Don't get to excited. I was just trying to share another option I discovered this past weekend at the San Francisco Bike expo.

They where incredibly nice looking, on pare with xtrs. The guy at the booth also said something about the bearings having larger balls than the other external bottom brackets.

Nathan Knudsen

Big Bikes said...

I dunno.
I wouldn't trade my Sram chains for all the XTR cranks in the world (unless I could sell one set of them and buy a lifteime supply of Sram chains).

Leyonce said...

Happy turkey day.

"Wazupwidis" was a good read in latest Dirt Rag.

dicky said...

Damn it.
I don't have my copy yet.
I'm convinced this is a conspiracy theory.