Thursday, November 12

Still here (and not quite there)...

Man, oh man. That's what it's like having a day off in the middle of the week. Did you know that Costco sells Fat Tire Ale and Sierra Nevada? I didn't. Did you know that you can save water and wash your car in the rain? Oh, you did? ... whatever.

So a Wednesday behind me without so much as a peek at the internet from 8-5. I used my time wisely kicking around with the children and having lunch with an old friend (not that we've been friends for a long time, he's just old). I also did a little more preparational type stuff for the big Hush Hush ride this weekend. I laid out some clothes, mounted up my fender (I think the tropical storm might leave the trails a bit moist), and sorted out some nutritional stuff.

I found some Heed I had bought back in the spring of 2007 that was dated 05/09, but how can this stuff go bad? It's got ingredients that sound more like super heroes than actual food stuff, like Xylitol and White Stevia. In order to kill two birds with one stone (get rid of it and get more calories in each bottle) I decided to double up on the amount of powder in each bottle. I dare not taste it before Saturday on the off chance that I end up hating it. Better to find that out at 5:30am when I still have 90+ miles to go.

Once I was able to get on the internet yesterday evening I checked out the happenings around the world... well at least the bike world. La Ruta has started and Colt from is down there with his digital video capturing device. I bet you have a hard time getting enough Jeremiah Bisquick in your life just like me, so do yourself a favor and watch him in the pre-race breakfast video, the middle of a gravel climb video, the post stage one video, or the blowing up the porta pottie after breakfast video. If you're not like me, and you've seen more than you can stomach of Mr Bisquick this year be sure to check out all the other videos Colt has put up on the site. There's plenty of stuff that will interest even the JB haters, so don't let his studly mug and perfectly coiffed hair keep you from checking it out. So much to see with just a little mouse clicking... like a little controversy, some helmet cam footage, and even a Ruta wet t-shirt contest. Good times, good times... I almost wanna go back...

I'll find something else to do this winter like this, this, this, or this.

Forty six hours till the Hush Hush goes mush.

Currently 48 degrees, but that's gonna sky rocket to 49 later. Twenty to thirty mile an hour winds with rain... How many times will I hear "I'd hate to have your job today?"

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Unibiker said...

I always liked the one.....
"Is it still raining?"
Look at my F'n helmet and clothing ya dumb Be-otch. Oh and watch your steep, cause I left ya a puddle by your front desk while waiting on you to sign BY THE X.