Friday, December 11

I wanted to be with you alone...

I hate when people talk about the weather. I hate hearing conversations about the weather while I stand by as a casual yet trapped observer in a crowded elevator. I hate being asked about how I "like this weather" when I'm trapped in an elevator with someone who never gets outta the uptown habitrail long enough to see for themselves.

Maybe I just hate elevators...

Anyways I've got to talk about the weather since it's been having a great effect on my life as of late. Since I got my new Bagaboo messenger bag less than two weeks ago it has endured four heavy rains already. Tuesday night's commute home was one of those soakers accompanied by upper thirty degree temperatures that turned my hands into blocks of throbbing wood that are useless for the first few minutes after I walk in the door. I've left my house countless times in the past few weeks prepared for the temperatures to warm up later in the day, and then it just failed to happen. Dark, wet rides home where I know people are looking out at me from the safety of their dry car seats thinking "Poor man", "F#*king idiot", or "I'd hate to be him". I'm not sure which one I agree with, but I guess it depends on whether or not there is beer in my fridge at home (there usually is). Hell, I'm looking over at them as they sit in a seven times longer than normal line of brake lights, and I'm thinking to myself "I'd hate to be one of those poor f#*king idiots". Last week the rain kept me from getting on my mountain bike all weekend, and that's the thing I rely on to keep my sanity the rest of the week. And it's only December 11th.

Welcome to an El Nino season in Messengerville. It's been awhile since we've had a rough one, and from the way things are going this might turn out to be the best (worst) yet. Yeah, I live in Charlotte, so I can hear you saying "Quit your bitching" from here. I wouldn't say that I'm complaining. I somewhat enjoy the change...daily hum drum work life becomes slightly more challenging, commutes become and adventure, and I get to test my restraint as more and more people that share my elevators will want to talk to me about the weather.

I smell change on the horizon, or maybe it's just the pile of stinky clothes in my locker at the Y.


Blair said...

Currently 28 degrees F
Wind 7 mph
Feels like 20 degrees
Later today...
Sun and clouds mixed.
High 46F.
Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.
Chance of rain, 10%

you're welcome.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Funny, I just finished 'The Immortal Class' by Travis Culley last night for the third or fourth time.
I 'enjoy' his descriptions of riding through the streets of Chicago during the winter-the salt damage, cold burned and cracked skin, snow so deep messengers walking their bikes against traffic.
Anyway, I'm too much of a pussy to pull my commuter bike during the snow any more. And after watching the hipster on a fixie riding up to the auto doors at the supermarket and taking a dump on the ice in the parking lot the other day, I'm content with my two feet planted on the ground.

dicky said...

Yeah, Immortal Class was a good book. I found the parts about the history of Chicago and its streets more interesting than some of his personal story. Some parts had me thinking *cough* bull shit *cough*, but still a good read.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Another good 'read' is Pedal. I think you have to order this through a book store as it comes up on a literature skew rather than a DVD one.
It's basically a picture book that accompany's the DVD which follows a bunch of odd NYC couriers through 1999-2000. A bit more meth and sleeping under via ducts oriented, but some great alley cat racing and insight into the more 'shady' side of NYC.

TheMutt said...

Thanks, now I have that Tears for Fears song stuck in my head. Like I really needed another 80's song in there. BTW, how's the weather?

Anonymous said...

Them: "So what do you do when it rains?"

Me: "I get wet."


the original big ring said...

Did you see this?

Didn't realize Deejay gave up riding.


Big Bikes said...

One gnarly winter day while messengering in downtown Boston, my friend Chris was standing in a crowded elevator:

Office Guy: "I'd hate to be you today."

Chris: "That's OK, I'd hate to be you on any day."