Thursday, January 7

I ain't got time to bleed

"What's he got going on up there? That's hideous. Everyone should find the time to bleed sometimes."

New parts have been rolling in, and I've been doing my best to mount them up to the Niner One9. Newest arrivals?

Since I have plans for the MOOTS and the Strokers that are already mounted to it I picked up a fresh pair of the best brakes in the world (partially because they're readily available in white). I was too busy to do a thorough job installing them last night, and the end result is this vision straight from the MTBR House of Horrors:

Take note that this is not on purpose. I am not entering the "Worst Routing in the Land" contest since I would never be able to match Stabby and Bubba's performance.

Stabby's Zip Tie Playland

and Ben "Bubba" Cohen's "Over the Top"

I just didn't have time for a cut and bleed session. I like to give myself plenty of time when I do this operation, so I don't end up cutting the hose too short or screwing up the bleed. Don't wanna be in a hurry when I do the brakes since my life may depend on them one day. Something worth mentioning is the fact that I dropped the 8" front rotor this time around. Not only does this drop the overall weight of the bike by 90 grams (close to a quarter pound) it also will make me go faster since I'll have a harder time slowing down. The actual purpose behind this brilliant move is to get used to the smaller rotor before this shows up:

The new crabon frok has a 6" rotor size limit which will keep me from using the 8" front rotor I've been using since 2005. Being that I used the larger rotor to increase braking power to reduce forearm fatigue perhaps this fork will pick up the slack that the 6" disc will create. I am aware that far better riders than me make due with the smaller rotor... perhaps I was just compensating.

Another not-so-critical part came in on Monday. It's not going on the bike now, but I figure I might need it some day, so why not have it on hand for when the moment arises.

That right there is a Cane Creek 31.6 to 27.2 shim-a-lim-a-ding-dong. This will allow me to throw my MOOTSpost or my Thudbuster in the One9 whenever I feel like it. Cheap, useful, and even though you will never see it in use it's still cool because it's black.

Some folks have inquired about my increase in facial hair recently. The rumors have been flying (Sue George from has been sitting in an unmarked sedan outside my house for over two weeks now) that since I'm going to be riding a Niner that I am jumping in the pro-mobile with the traveling civil war re-enactment and Niner single speed racing crew that is Dejay and Fuzzy.

photo borrowed from's Mark Farmer... I plan on giving it back when I'm done

No, that would not be the case. As with most things dealing with me and my life, it's a long story. It involves cold sores incurred while I was not taking care of myself in Durango last fall, a sparsely forested widow's peak, poor decision making skills, boredom, too much free time, cold weather preparations, and The Pie's recent protest when I said I was getting rid of the chops. "Chops are money, remember?" she said when I pulled out the clippers.

Ladies, feel free to make that your screen saver

Yes, that is a random hair that has gone rogue from the pack striking out across my cheek. I can actually see my sideburns in my peripheral vision, and they create a lot of wind noise while I'm riding. I do think that at some point they will have to go since I still plan on cutting down the head crop once the weather heats up, and I don't want to end up looking like this:


George said...

I've been giving this some though, and I think that you need to get a turquoise headset.

Nerd On A Bike said...

Shims seem to have gotten a bad rap, but I have faith they'll come back in fashion.

"Yeah, that's my new matching anodized caramel-butter colored King headset, hubs, seat collar, bottom bracket, headset spacers and shim. It would have been done last week but the color on the shim was off a shade so I had to send it back."

Shims are the new zipties.

Big Bikes said...

Maybe once your burns really come in you'll get all fast like Fuzzy and then you'll be able to win babies like him too.

Anonymous said...

what the hellz is that next to the shim under the monitor, mike piazza's stash?

FuzzyJohn said...

Hey everyone... Click on the milk bottle. Dejay has gone missing again.

Anonymous said...

If you really trusted your life to brakes, you wouldn't use those piece of shit Hayes. Magura has white brakes and they use mineral oil so you won't have to use glove to avoid the toxins from DOT fluid. Avid uses DOT fluid, but they make white brakes and they actually work.

You are getting wankier every day. Don't ever touch my bike.

dicky said...

Bah humbug. My Strokers have been flawless since July 2008. Just one bleed when I shortened the lines, and that's it. Brake selection is more contraversial and muddled than healthcare reform. I've seen maguras shit the bed as much as any other brake. To each his own.

dicky said...

And shit... I forgot my Avid Juicy 7 experience. I've never had a brake pump up so terribly on long descents. I kept them for all of two rides before I sold them.

mark said...

Hayes and Harley's are cool in my book. Plus they do work good. 6 in. is all you need especially at your weight. That bike is going to make your wrist ache with pain on any prolonged rough choppy trail. It will be fast and light, but way stiff. I guess you can keep on those massive 2.5 wtb wire bead rubber, running tubeless with those and you will get good cushion at about 18 lbs of pressure. With the wire bead burping ar tearing in not an issue.

Anonymous said...

i love a good dicky chop post.

EndlessBikeCo. said...

Thanks for the screen saver!

dicky said...

Mark, that's the same (type) fork I've been running for a year now. It's been fine so far, but it will soon be replaced with a crabon frok for even more comfort. Currently (on my race wheels) I run a 2.3 kevlar beaded tire @ 19 psi. I get away with 15 psi in the 2.5 Kodiak. Don't worry.... I'll be fine.

dicky said...

FYI: Those are Stan's boogers.

bentcrank said...

Dicky runs the brakes because of the name, but he feels inferior stroking a 6" and not the 8" that was there before.

what the heck is a crabon frok? Sounds like something you would find on deadliest catch.

mark said...

From my knowledge carbons are stiffer than steel. I was referencing at scandium(which flexes a little better than 7005) and carbon rigid. Fast, light, but you will feel the bumps.