Thursday, February 25

Heroine fallen

While perusing the WWW I came across the following article which disturbed me, not so much due to the content, but because it involved someone I e-know and e-love.

From the Juneau Daily Times and Mosquito Report:

It's a sad day when an athlete has to resort to a life of crime to make ends meet, and it seems like a growing trend in the mountain bike community. Recently Missy Giove plead guilty to marijuana trafficking in Albany, NY, and now our own local mountain bike heroine Jill Homer is finding herself in a similar situation. Local officials had their suspicions confirmed recently when Jill accidentally posted a photo of herself in the act of breaking an obscure Alaskan and possibly international law. Although no one has been arrested in the last decade for this particular offense a warrant has been put out for Jill's arrest. The crime?? Raisin smuggling.

Local officials are not sure if Jill's intentions were to cross the Juneau County line or perhaps she was planning on going over the border to Canada making this a possible federal offense with international ramifications. Raisins are illegal in Canada as dried fruit is considered contraband in all ten Canadian Provinces and two of the three Canadian territories (anything goes on Prince Edward Island). Jill's attorney is claiming that Jill was not smuggling raisins, but was in fact trying out various ways to carry Gummy Bears while exercising outdoors.

Jill will more than likely be released and sentenced with a light probation during which time she will be forced to wear the an anti raisin smuggling suit to make sure she doesn't fall back into her old raisin smuggling ways.


Come back to the sport when you're ready. All is forgiven.

Your fans

While researching this post I spent way too much time looking at google images for "sports bra nipple". This curbed my ability to get too involved with the writing aspect since looking at nipples is quite addictive. I stopped looking when I saw this:

This message was Jill approved. The above photo was not.


Anonymous said...

Just had to add one of yourself huh?
I see it has your favorite number attached too.

Big Dave said...

Wow! Finding that pic is an indicator that you probably have reached the end of the internet.

TheMutt said...

Great, now my retinas are scarred for life. Thanks buddy.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I don't even know what to say about that last pic. Either way, awesome blog post Dicky!

Nerd On A Bike said...

Jesus, I was becoming increasingly discernably turgid sitting here in my isolated cubicle as I scrolled down this posting. Until I got to the last's an 'inny' now.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

I have to say the first time I saw this picture on Jill's blog, I did not notice the nipples.

The second time I saw this picture, here, again I did not notice the nipples.

It wasn't until I clicked on the picture and went looking, that I finally saw them. I really thought you were imagining things.

It must be a guy thing. Always on the nipple hunt!

Anonymous said...

Damn. ;)

Leyonce said...

You ain't right

Jason said...

I just let out an audible gasp when I hit the nip piercing pic. Went sort of like this...

"what the heck is OHHH!!"