Wednesday, March 17

Changes afoot

Still sick, but looking sick wicked.

There has been a big shake up here at Bad Idea Racing. It doesn't matter that I've been sick for the last week, the wheels of progress roll on. At a recent team meeting the topic of last seasons successes and failures was discussed. Apparently Bad Idea Racing went two and six over the course of the 2009 "season". That record may get you into the NCAA basketball tournament or a college bowl game, but some around the office are saying it's time for a change.

Although it's never been an option before now, management is considering the possibility of a high level move. Mike Piazza is being challenged for the role of head coach by none other than The Moustache.

The Moustache, while having a powerful presence and a certain appeal with the ladies, has no experience whatsoever with cycling, coaching, or anything other than facial adornment. The Moustache does however have a very out of the box approach to all manner of things, and that might just be what we need around here. It was The Moustache's idea to make a big move the other night (you'll find out about it when the press release is ready), and The Moustache even suggested that I eat my oatmeal from the far side of the bowl to burn more calories. The Moustache feels as though Bad Idea Racing has to be able to maintain a positive vibe for the duration of the season in order to avoid suffering an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the likes of Peter (as happened at the SSWC09).

That experience of last September was enough to force us all to rethink our lives. On paper it would have seemed that only in a bizzaro world scenario someone like Peter could defeat our star rider, yet someone fell asleep at the wheel and let it happen (no credit given to Peter for his lackluster effort for sure).

So look for some big changes around here. The Moustache does not allow mediocrity. The Moustache does not allow weakness. The Moustache does not allow complacency. The Moustache does not allow a cut and paste mentality to boost word count in a blog post. The Moustache...

The Moustache told me to stop that.

I've got a good feeling about this. I would say I feel bad for Mike Piazza, but he will still retain his roles as attorney, soigneur, dietitian, manager, IT guy, and skin exfoliator/hair depilatorator (a job he is willing to give up, so please send your applications to teamdicky at hotmail dot com). We here at Bad Idea Racing live a life with no regrets, or at least any that we admit, so if you have the ability to brush your past mistakes under the carpet with reckless abandon I encourage you to submit your resume.

My future's so bright....

I gotta wear a stocking cap to keep my enormous forehead from burning in its brilliance.


Luis G. said...

How many more days of build up for the big announcement? ;)

Big Bikes said...

I can't believe The Moustache went all "Dmitry Medvedev" on Mike Piazza. It must be humbling, being called out by a giant version of your own facial hair.


Elk said...

Nice Bike Stop-style 'stache:

Anonymous said...

Gears would just take more money away from racing.

Billy Fehr said...

haha Louis I already am privy to the info you await..