Friday, March 5

Race news and dont's

What's new?

Well the other day I saw somebody reading this book in Starbucks:

Personally I thought it was a bit redundant, I didn't know Twitter was for anyone else. All kidding aside I do see some traffic from twits, tweets, and twoots occasionally, and just the other day one came from here:

And it went a little something like this:

Team Dicky is coming!!! Now its a race!

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Yes, I put my money where my mouth is, and I entered another stage race for 2010 (I already ponied up for the Breck Epic). The official word from headquarters is that the Trans Sylvania is officially a race now that I am on board. Things were looking a bit sketchy beforehand, but it's certainly going to be a media spectacle now that I'm amongst the ranks of the registered. Of course I'll have some stiff competition since Harlan Price is now racing a single speed. Word on the street is that Harlan is either trying to justify some really cool facial hair or he's decided it would be fun to beat up on a bunch of has been, overweight, outta shape, hungover single speeders. I even heard he's getting a single speed oriented tattoo (like a chainring or something else clever) and having Gary Fisher mold a carbon fiber bottle opener to his new Superfly SS frame. Welcome to the dark side Harlan. Have fun talking to The Pflug about whatever it is you elite riders talk about at the front of the field while doing each others nails. I could care less what Harlan does to the SS field at the TS Epic since my only goal is to beat that slacker cum journalist Cush. I know I'm not setting my sights very high, but whatever... the pasty PA wannabe will go down.

Although I am most certainly looking forward to the SOLD OUT 6 Hours of Warrior Creek I was bummed to see yet another conflict rear its ugly head on my calender. Not only has the Pisgah 36 been rescheduled to the same weekend, but now a race that I told myself last year I must do has been scheduled for the day after the 6WC. Yet another fine Chris Scott production,
The Dragon's Tale, will be going down on Sunday, April 4th. This new piece of information has set my mind into motion. The 6WC is just a couple hours south of the DT, which means if I get in the car after I take the top step on the single speed podium again (I may be overplanning there) I can make haste to the free campsite and wake up smelling like ass to race another 40 miles in God's country. I race a hundred miles in a day, so what's 110 miles over two days gonna matter? I'm not sure if I'll follow through on this one, but I am certainly not missing my chance at some of this in April:

photo cred Cathie Docherty

Warrior Creek: Wilkesboro's own amusement park ride


Leyonce said...

Two races in two days. You da man. See you in Wilkesboro. Good to hear about the Team Dicky jerseys this year.

dicky said...

I didn't say I was sure about pulling two races off, but if you wanna join me...

Anonymous said...

Bring it on little man. I'm bringing your old pal Mark Weir as back up. He runs nasty face hair as well.
-Your pal Cushy