Friday, March 19

Sponsor news, bestiality, and sneak peeks

First off, yes I heard about Tony Kornholeser and the whole "run 'em down" thing. Funny thing is I've never heard about Tony Kornholeser before, and I'd be willing to bet there are a few million people who have just found out who he is in the past two days. Now Lance is going on his show to talk about the situation... Tony Kornholeser gets press and Tony Kornholeser wins. Hoooray Tony Kornholeser!!!!

More about me now...

I rode my clapped out, shit for shift road bike to work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and I'll be riding it again today. I'm taking it as easy as possible to get over this "thing" I've got, and my boss has been keeping me as close to town as he can in order to aid in my recovery. Even still I'm ending my days with @21 to 23 miles, so it's not quite bed rest. I think I should be close to 100% by Monday, but I basically lost ten to twelve days of prime "training". Oh well, as they say "whatever doesn't kill you will make you weaker for The Six Hours of Warrior Creek".

And now some random sponsor news and a sneak peak at the "big thing".

Raxter Racks has an all new, updated, slick looking, scrumpdillicious website.

I love my Raxter Rack, and I've already given it a glowing review awhile back, so no need to rehash the whole thing here. It's the best rack I've ever used, especially as far as hitch mount racks go. The superific thing you need to know is that if you really want one you need to contact me as I know the secret handshake that will get you a significant discount on a new rack. Let's just say I've got some compromising photos of Raxter inventor Mike Farney (organic produce is involved), and all my "friends" get to enjoy a little piece of the action. Contact me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com if you want some (no, I will not email you the photos). You will not be dissapointed, unless you order a rack expecting it to be packed in cotton candy, in which case you will be sorely disappointed.


I told the folks at Backcountry Research they had it all wrong when they offered the original Whammer Deal. They were offering up one of each kind of strap they made (the Awesome Strap, the Back Forty, and the Alpha Niner) for $25 shipped (a $32.85 value).

I felt the deal shoulda been three of any kind of straps you wanted. Why?

When I do races with drop bags I put one of these in each one:

A nice preloaded Awesome Strap (standard size).

That way if I get a flat out on the course and I come into the aid station to resupply on flat repair stuffs it only takes me a few seconds to strap on the new goods. No loading them into the original strap, no stuffing my jersey pockets with a bunch of shit to have all flippy floppy on my back, and certainly no trying to shove three pounds of shit into a two pound saddle bag. No sir. I also keep preloaded straps in my pits at races that have "The ____ Hours of...." in the title for the same reasons.

I guess my people at Backcountry Research decided to listen to the voice of reason as they are now offering the all new and improved Whammer Deal any way you want it. Any three straps you desire are only $25 shipped to your house or the house of your choosing. You can go be all American about it and take three Alpha Niners getting $35.85 worth of straps for only $25, but I would suggest you get the straps you want instead of just supersizing for the sake of supersizing.

You know my drop bag strategy is pretty ingenious, so just suck it up, admit that I'm smarter than you are, and do as I say and do.

Don't trust my opinion on the Awesome Strap? Local Charlotte rider and up and coming blog celebrity Mutt decided to purchase a Back Forty based on my endorsement. He gave it a shakedown on his own and concluded that after his ride his strap was "Still tight as a shark’s ass". I am not sure how he could offer up such a colorful metaphor, but I'd be willing to bet Mutt isn't gonna be welcomed back to the aquarium any time soon.

This just in: Shark rapist endorses Awesome Strap, Backcountry Research asks to not be affiliated with shark rape in future endorsements.

Walz Caps is not a sponsor of Bad Idea Racing, but I do consider the couple caps I own to be my go-to lids. I got this email from them the other day, and I felt like you should know too:

___________________ Visit Walz  Caps for a Cause

Walz Caps is pleased to introduce our new line of cycling caps: Caps For A Cause. Each unique cycling cap in our Caps For A Cause line will highlight and support a worthwhile cause or nonprofit. Walz Caps will donate $10 from the sale of each cap to the chosen cause. Each quarter a new, limited edition cycling cap will be offered exclusively through our website.

This quarter we are supporting the people of Haiti in their struggle to fight back from the devastating earthquake in January. Donations will go to Save the Children- a nonprofit organization that is providing emergency relief to more than half a million children and families in Haiti.

Available for a limited time exclusively from

Thank you people of Walz for caring and sharing.

The sneak peek I promised???

Yeah, that's it until Monday... assuming the UPS man doesn't do the old "ring and run" on The Pie today. Since this is a Friday delivery the chances of that happening increase ten fold, so don't get your hopes up too high.

P.S. While spell checking "bestiality" to avoid another spelling lesson from pro journalistic leech Mike Ferrentino I came across "Zootube"... don't go there. Seriously.


dougyfresh said...

your fork?

Billy Fehr said...

dougy-not even close.

Big Bikes said...

And ESPN knows that nobody knew who the hell Kornheiser was until he pissed off Armstrong. After Lance sent them his angry Tweet, they Tweeted this back at him:

"@ESPNRadio980 - Hoping to be a Trending Topic Worldwide today, keep your fingers crossed..."

Angry...Tweet!" Now that sounds threatening.

Next time Kornheiser should advocate fire-bombing Nascar drivers or stabbing baseball players in the head, y'know, piss off some people in a sport that's actually popular; then he'd get some real publicity.

Or he could just talk about raping sharks, that would cause a shit storm for sure.

drew said...

That pic looks like either something made of carpet fiber OR the tread of a vittoria corsa tire...

And word is that tony cornholer is already on thin ice with ESPN... Hopefully Lancey Pants will go in to his show after taking a few cues from stephen colbert or john stewart about crossing enemy lines on talk shows

matt mccluskey said...

Dicky, thanks for the Awesome Strap/Drop Bag tip for racing.

You are smarter than the average bear.

TheMutt said...

Thanks for the uh, "endorsement" of my endorsement. Thanks to you, I have seen the error of my ways (mostly my choice of metaphors.) I now advocate the running down of all sharks, using big powerful cars.

Yup...don't rape 'em, run 'em down. Wait, now I'll get in trouble from Lance...Geez

Anonymous said...

Are you really gonna run a plastic fork?

rick is! said...

thanks for the hot tip. my straps will be ordered today.