Tuesday, March 2

Spring "training" begins in earnest

Friday of last week was the last day for Run Club Part Duh. I had planned to sorta blow myself out with a week of fast running and perhaps attempt a sub 6:00 mile, but my rib injury from the previous Sunday made it hard to breathe. I basically jogged for twenty minutes Monday-Thursday, but by Friday the boredom had taken over. Injury or not I decided to go for the 6:00 mile. I realize this is not necessarily a lofty goal, but it seemed hard enough after a two year running hiatus. After a ten minute warm up I could only pull of a 6:10 mile... not too far off the mark, and not too bad considering my ribs hurt the whole time and kept me from taking full breaths.

Although I had hoped that Run Club Part Duh would help me lose weight (it didn't) at least it made up for all the extra tasties I drank over the winter. I was also doing sit ups and other assorted calisthenics hoping to build some ripped abs. I wasn't necessarily doing it to strengthen my core, but to see if I could build ripped abs in three months. I figured it would be like building a sand castle... you know it's a waste of time since time will wash it away, but you just want to see how cool you can make it. I assure you that under a thin layer of fat there really is a washboard, a totally useless, temporary washboard.

Monday (yesterday) was to be the beginning of actual bike "training". I headed out for 1.5 hours of just riding around before work, not unlike any other "training" ride I might do. I did not enjoy the sub freezing temps one bit, and I missed the warmth of the gym (and the fact that I was only running 20 minutes when I was at the gym). To keep my hands warm I tucked them under my messenger bag from time to time and rode around with my hands off the bars and protected from the wind. After about an hour into the ride it felt like my saddle had shifted to the left. I kept looking down trying to figure out what was going on, but I wouldn't realize it till later on during my work day.

Not picking up what I'm laying down?

I realized that if the other rail would have broke while I was riding around with my hands under my messenger bag I would have been in for quite a treat as the saddle would have gave way and I woulda landed on my rear wheel in a most uncontrollable manner. Probably some face contact with a little fixed gear locked in the pedals confusion for sure. I'm sure it would have looked hilarious to an innocent bystander. I had thought my re-upholstered ti tube railed SLR was gonna last forever. Meh.

Today shoulda been day two of Spring "training", but apparently Mother Nature did not get the memo. 100% chance of mid 30° rain today... not the kind of weather which will inspire me to ride extra miles.

And finally....

There were many things that made NAHBS worth doing...

Yes Peter, there was plenty of fruit to go around. You woulda liked it.
P.S. Dave from MOOTS misses you.


Peter Keiller said...

...nothing wrong with that Dick...nothing at all.

if by that i mean drinking beer flavoured fruit cocktails well until dusk then cuddling in to watch the's okay because anyone with a grasp of the english language and a blog can make that sound macho.


brado1 said...



No need!


Anonymous said...

What is going on with the oval car tire in the background of you broken seat picture?

Anonymous said...

i've killed 3 slr saddles, broke in the same place. switched to a sella san marco aspide without the ti rails. no issues yet.