Tuesday, March 9

Tifosi Man Chu

At least the slow down at work hasn't been all bad.

It's a little easier to sit around for hours waiting for a run when the weather is sooooo nice. Sure, I still get bored, but at least I'm bored outside in the sun VS sitting in that building in the background looking outside at the rain.

I got a special delivery from the Fast'ish Marsupial yesterday. He owed me some $$$$'s for the PMBAR entry, but I got a pleasant, yet demeaning, and still somewhat mysterious surprise in the envelope.

I'm not sure how Thad knew that I needed another El Día de los Muertos skull for the chainstay of the new Meatplow (the MOOTS has one), but perhaps he is just psychic. The Salsa stickers throw me off a little since I have no Salsa products save for a Short and Shallow bar on my road bike which I only bought since I felt like it defined my persona pretty well. I thought the WALZCAPS sticker could be useful since I'm a fan, but it is merely a useless hang tag, so I think Thad wanted to make me throw out his garbage for him one small piece at a time. The four sixes?? I always thought Thad wasn't playing with a full deck, but now I am most certain. Could be some kind of weird blog stalker thing... who knows? And the annotated MOOTS propaganda???

Just Thad's little way of reminding me that his bike is better than mine. I know that Thad. That's why I'm dragging you deep into the woods this May to leave you for the bears and take your bike. Lord knows I've been wanting to get back on to 26" wheels ever since the last time I hit my head really hard on an overhanging branch and lost the ability to think clearly. Not to mention I really want your sponsor...
ride inferior wheels

One more thing...

When I was at NAHBS nursing a slight hangover in the hotel room Mattycakes tossed me a small black case. As excited as I was at the prospect of some new shades I sighed as I opened it and found yet another pair of improperly colored Tifosi Dolomites. I guess Megan didn't distribute the memo to let everybody know that I really need a pair of pearl white Dolomites to pull off the sharp look I have planned for 2010. Mattycakes, being the gentleman that he is, promptly handled the tense situation in the room, and he let me know that Tifosi may not know how to distribute memos regarding elite athlete's needs, but Tifosi does in fact love moustaches*.

I don't think I can ever get rid of the moustache* now that I have a pair of Tifosi Helo's in Limited Edition gold. I've got a real 70's cop show look going on here, and now all I need is some acting skills and perhaps I could land a role on the next unsuccessful prime time cop drama. These glasses make absolutely no sense in a practical manner on the bike, but I have a lot of Tifosi's on my shelf to handle that... although none of them are white.

* I'm no longer going to use the word "mustache" when referring to my lip broom as I think that "moustache" is a much better way to spell it. My spellcheck hates it, but according to google it is just as acceptable as "mustache", and I think the "o" makes it a little more distinguished. I'm all about being a little more distinguished.


Anonymous said...

what is the deal on the ride & smile sticker? I know someone who could use one of those!

Where can you get one?

dicky said...

It's a Salsa thing. Is you friend a dentist? Email me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com and it's yours.

joe g said...

Maybe "dick broom" would be a proper term? Just throwing it out there.

mr rogers said...

"dick broom" FTW