Tuesday, April 6

Assumption Junction, what's your major malfunction?

Yesterday while perusing various threads concerning the Six Hours of Warrior Creek I came across the official results with details about lap times and such. I knew better than to look, but I did anyways. Within minutes I had the calculator out and I was crunching the numbers. Minutes later I started kicking myself in the ass, and I will probably continue to do so for the next three to five weeks.

Had I not let my mind play tricks on me and I'd stuck with my original plan things coulda/shoulda went differently. Although I didn't wear a watch I planned on looking at the clock when I passed by after the fourth lap. Had I done so I coulda saw that I still had time for six laps, shoulda backed off a little on the fifth lap while taking the time to down another bottle and a gel, and then gunned it on the sixth. Not only would I have won the single speed class at the 6WC I woulda won my next seven races. A coulda, a shoulda, and a definitely woulda. Oh well, at least I can only blame my loss on my own stupidity.

After all was said and done this comment in yesterday made it all worthwhile:
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, that guy you helped was my son and that was his first race. God bless you.

Yep, worth it.

Photo cred: Mrs Mutt
I haven't been able to find my wallet since this photo was taken.

Ironically (considering one of my major sponsorship deals) I received one of these in my prize bag:

This is what old timey people call a "saddle bag". Apparently back in the good ole days riders used to stuff their gear in these things cursing their maker as the zippers blew open letting loose their valuable goods. Imagine that... the world was not such as awesome place back then, was it? I think I'm gonna throw a box of tacks in it and let them loose James Bond style at my next race... assuming I'm on my final lap... assuming I actually know when I'm on my final lap.

For those of you that are wondering if I was able to beat Arleigh and her teammate in my quest for "the complete and utter domination of the cycling industry and media types" the answer is "yes". I'm not sure what the name of their team was, but since I beat all comers in the Female Duo category I think it's safe to say they were completely and utterly dominated. The boys from Industry Nine (Drew and Eric) did beat me, but since they have yet to write for a major cycling publication I will not be counting their victory against me.

Not only do I want to give mad props and shout out type things to the folks at BMCC for putting on the best six hour race on the best course ever I have to take the time to thank a few of the Dick Supporters who saw fit to sponsor the Six Hours of Warrior Creek; Industry Nine, Twin Six, and everybody's favorite... Backcountry Research (AKA Awesome Strap). I know all the podium dwellers who found a little Awesome in their prize bags were a kinda excited, but none so much as Intergalactic Solo Champ Admiral Ackbar.

Ahhh.... it's so good to have Photoshop back.

My therapist says I'm not going to get over Warrior Creek if I keep talking about it, so perhaps I'm gonna have to let this topic fade away.

WARNING: That is not the last you will hear from Admiral Ackbar.


Big Bikes said...

I actually have an old saddle bag with a zipper that's been stuck CLOSED for about three years. I have no idea what's inside. Could be anything. The suspense is killing me, I think I'll probably have to tear it open sometime in the next couple years.

Anonymous said...

'I beat all comers in the Female Duo category'

dude, you said to keep it pg-13.

TheMutt said...

Did you finish off the beer yet, or is that why Admiral Ackbar is still hanging around?

AdamB said...

Mustard packs? Please explain.
If you are done discussing the race would you at least post the action pics? Thanks in advance.

best word verification word yet:

Emily said...

Until Ackbar's endorsement I was on the fence, but NOW i want an Awesome Strap.

Anonymous said...

Mustard is good for stopping cramps.

Now you are in the know of a top secret code that was not supposed to be discussed in blogs or on forums.

wv: modes

Luis G. said...

Mustard packs = old wives tale to fend off cramps (see pickle juice etc...) Either that or Bad Idea Racing chamois cream... not 100% sure.

wv: tongf

Anonymous said...


The Evil MGE! said...

Send me the seat bag. Mine finally bit the dust.

dicky said...

How 'bout I send you a seatbag AND an Awesome Strap?

Anonymous said...

I always thought you were kind of a tool, but I read your blog every who's the tool. But with helping your fellow man instead of just blowing by him as most would do, my opinion is starting to change. Good guy