Friday, April 9

More Jersey News

I have seen the final rendition of the 2010 Bad Idea Racing jerseys. Brent and Ryan have outdone themselves with this special project and may have produced the best looking jersey ever. It's a little bit of what I wanted, a little bit of what they wanted, and most certainly more than you'd ever hoped for... it will be your go-to jersey this season.

The full reveal will be in three days on Monday, April 12th. I coulda done it today, but April 12th is a more significant date, so the 12th it shall be. You'll understand then what you may not know now.

Some of you might be asking yourselves why I went with Twin Six this time around. Well let's go ahead and go there. Back in 2008 the Bad Idea Racing jerseys were the brainchild of my frame sponsor Warwick Gresswell, the man behind Thylacine Cycles who also happens to be quite the graphic artist and pretty slick when it comes to designing things on two wheels.

It was his brainchild to raise funds so I could make great bike race. He designed it, I took pre-paid orders for a week, I received them, and I shipped them. I also dealt with the emails, the shipping issues, and the actual ordering. I felt kinda bad after I found out they were being made in China when I had assumed I was dealing with an American company, but I also realized we are in a global economy and they need to work too. That's an issue I struggle with on a daily basis, and a topic for another day. Anyways, the jerseys got made, sold, shipped, and made some people very happy.

This time Twin Six is making the process very easy on me. They will be handling all the hard work; the design, the ordering, the shipping... you name it. They are also financing a decent sized batch of them so I don't have to do this with pre-paid orders or the scary option of digging into my own pockets and getting all entrepreneurial. Quite a few people were bummed last time when they missed out on the very short ordering window the first time, so that won't happen this go around. Also, with the buying power of Twin Six they are able to get these made in the US and A at a cost that allows them to sell them for only $5 more than what they were in 2008.

There will be a pre-order period just like they do with Fatty's stuff, and then the remainder will just be up for sale like everything else on the T6 site. I'm not Fatty, so the numbers are MUCH MORE LIMITED than with his stuff. The quantity they are getting in may not last through the pre-sale... this is a warning to the slackers amongst you. Do you want the sleeveless version? I suggest you get your order in during the pre-sale since we're keeping the numbers kinda low on those... yes, we sleeveless riders will be the select minority. The sleeves actually look kinda cool, so I might just have to get one of those for the sake of fashion.

So the big reveal is MONDAY. Pre orders will begin shortly thereafter. Jerseys will be on hand in something like four weeks. Smart people will be looking even smarter this summer.

Sorry, I can't help myself...

If you see me coming you better step aside

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Luis G. said...

Sleeves! My guns (read: water pistols) need to be covered at all times...

Will they be standard T6 sizing?

dicky said...

Standard T6 sizing, save for mine which will be tailored around my massive pecs and thundering guns.

brado1 said...

I still liked the nutsack one i designed for you...


wv: Karemin

Anonymous said...

You're making it sound like you were deceived about where the jerseys were made, when it wasn't a prerequisite or a priority for anyone.

I do appreciate the plug though, and for the record, Thylacines are made in the good ol' US of A and not in a sweatshop in Hong Kong.

They're made in a sweatshop in the USA, so it's okay.

- Warwick Gresswell / Thylacine Cycles

dicky said...

Sorry Warwick. There was absolutely no deception on anyone's part. I thought when I was speaking/emailing with the manufacturer that because the person on the other end was in the USA the jerseys were made in the USA. I was just assuming that the whole time, and I never asked where they were made until the final step of the process, basically before it was too late to change anything.

It never was a prerequisite up front for the task at that time. Honestly back then I would have thought less about it than I do now. I know it's impossible to get buy domestic all the time.

I'll try to make sure it's clear later on this week. I was trying to be succinct in the post, but I guess I mighta failed at that.

Anonymous said...

Whats this?.. Flogging our boy for assuming??

Another "save it for later" 'You didn't ask' bullshit passive aggressive comeback!

Why were they made overseas? uhhmmm ..Dicky didnt ask.