Wednesday, April 21

No, as a matter of fact I wasn't at Sea Otter

It must have been some kind of oversight, and I'll just have to assume that my "department" at Dirt Rag had some trouble reaching the folks in the travel department. I expected all my Sea Otter arrangements to be handled for me, but when I was out at the curb on Thursday morning waiting for my driver to show up, he never came. I guess somehow it just slipped through the cracks... maybe next time.

I guess someone was expecting me to come out to California and play in his old sandbox. I'm surprised he even thought about me since one would think when he came within five feet of a couple attractive women he woulda spent the rest of the weekend making withdrawals from the spank bank. It's obvious that he still hasn't had time to sober up from his binge drinking Jim Beam and Country Time Lemonade since he ended up posting 2/3 of his amazing Sea Otter pics sideways. At least he sacked up and rode a real man's bike for a change (albeit with a squishy futuristic crutch), so perhaps he's not as lame as I remember him. Either way I think he's gonna have to get knocked down a peg or two come the last week in May. That ocean air and big boy drinking must be clouding his mind.

"But I do know with 100-percent certainty that I’d manhandle this twerp at his own game, assuming he’d bother to show up to a nationally sanctioned race." --- Cushionbury

Manhandle? I've heard Mike is quite the "manhandler".

In other Sea Otter news...

I looked at all the Sea Otter coverage I could find. One thing tweaked my head a little though, and I couldn't help but look into it a little further. I found this picture of Jeremiah Bisquick and I knew I had seen something similar somewhere else...

photo cred:

Ahhh... here it is.

Ignore the finger banging guy from Genuine Innovations. He's not aware that he's throwing down Contador's leftover moves.

It would seem as if Jeremiah is going with throwing the "hang loose" as his new gimmicky gang sign with the added flair of the Micheal Jordan tongue move. I thought he had been using something different in the past, so I did some research.

I found this image of him from last year during what must have been his transitional period from the Trek years to the Cannondale future. Here he is throwing the "walk like an Egyptian" gang sign while telling Mike McCormack and his bored cowboy infant about that day's stage of the Breck Epic.

"So like there I was with Travis Brown up on Wheeler Pass, and I was all like "If you pass Bisquick, oh whey oh, you're falling down like a domino". Yeah, he was soooo not passing this gold crocodile."

I thought Jeremiah Bisquick had a different Bischtick back in his Trek days, so I did some more research.

Here's an image I found of him during his "Wave like the Queen of England" phase (apparently it was Chris Eatough's idea):

That move didn't really pull in the fans like he thought it would, so he went with the more popular at the time GW approved "thumb's up".

In the early days it would seem as if he had trouble with the concept of having a catchy gang sign, and his "thumbs up" moves seemed awkward and strained...

But eventually he took to it like a pro and did what he could to inspire the next generation of hair gelled riders.

"Stick with me little kid and someday maybe you'll have a nice tricked out Volkswagen with printed on the side."

Yeah, some other stuff happened at Sea Otter, but I'll leave all that boring stuff to Tyler "Tool Bag" Benedict to write about.

I kid Jeremiah Bisquick, but he is just as his name suggests... he's good at everything; short track, marathon, XC, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, crepes... you name it. There's nothing he can't do (except go out in public without hair gel).

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Great to see you working so hard to make great bike race in the upcoming races; classic Dicky training regimen!