Wednesday, May 26


I want more photo entries for the Twin Six jersey contest, and I would like them now. I don't want a bunch to show up in my inbox while I'm at the Trans Sylvania Epic next week distracting me from making friends with Rebecca... I mean making great bike race. I'll be accepting them while I'm in PA, but I just won't have as much time to consult my judge (The Pie). To sweeten the deal I am offering up a second place prize which consists of one Awesome Strap, one Back Forty Strap, and one Alpha Niner Strap... basically the old skool Whammer deal. All I need from you is an image of your torso wearing a Twin Six jersey while doing something unrelated to cycling. Pocket use could be key, and sadly as of yet I've received ZERO entries from female readers using the Liz Hatch fit method. I know a bunch of you just got a DDM jersey, so let's get with the pointing and the shooting. Five minutes of effort in exchange for everlasting glory and a free jersey... sounds like a sweet deal. Please send your images to teamdicky at hotmail dot com.

On to other things...

You may remember that back in April I found out that I was one of The Top Fifty Most Influential Cycling Blogs in the world. This was determined through intensive application of the scientific method and enthusiastically serious number crunching. Since there was no pot of gold at the end of the Influentiality Rainbow I am glad I was able to achieve such a high ranking without actually having to put in any extra effort. There is a good chance that I will slip down in future rankings as several others have since opened up Twitter and Facebook accounts for their blogs. This is just something I don't wanna do since this blog is a big enough time suck as it is right now without adding seven more layers to my social media cake. Trying to win a popularity contest in order to be deemed "Most Popular" is pointless, but when it comes to winning schwag I say "Game on." If I'm gonna ask people to vote for me there's gonna have to be more than intrinsic ego inflating value on the line.

Which brings up the Breck Epic Bloggers Contest (yes, just like your grandma, it's on Facebook). You may notice that Big Worm is listed among the entrants. Being that we've been close friends for thirteen or so years I woulda suggested that you vote for him, but he actually asked to be dropped out of the running months ago due to a conflict. I do have a few other horses in this race though, so do considering voting for them. Stephen "Private Sticky" Janes is the closest thing to a "local boy" in the running, Fixie Dave "Sweat Jiggles" Nice sure would be neat to hang out with for a week or so, and Thom "Rocky Donizetti" Parsons can keep me company on the dance floor, assuming we can find a dance floor in Breckenridge. The top four vote getters will win a free entry to the Breck Epic, but this year you can only vote for one (unlike last year's voting boondoggle), so choose wisely.

I know you want to vote for me, but alas rules have been put in place to keep me from entering the contest (and crushing everybody) again. No worries since I plan on being in Breck anyways. If I can find some other contest that needs your vote in order to win you'll be the first to know.


drew said...

Your contest is racist... I would have to own twin six jerseys to enter. Infact most of my cycling wardrobe most people wouldn't wear to a buzzard f**k. My wife did get me a sweet rapha jersey, could I enter your contest wearing that?
Btw, I received service with a smile, as the boy was my waiter at mama fu's last sunday while I was in carlot

cornfed said...

I thought that was the 50 Most Flatulent Cycling Bloggers list? Of which you would rank much higher. Yes I said rank.

Big Bikes said...

That last photo has left me so addled that I can't remember why I came over here...

oh ya, thanks for the shout, 'appreciate it.


Billy Fehr said...

Bastard on at least 2 levels.
Good Luck Parsons, as soon as I become a 'fan' I will 'like' your entry.