Monday, May 24

Major Award

I'll admit it. I stayed up till 11:35PM last night watching the final episode of LOST.

Between being up at 5:00AM to volunteer at the local race and staying up late to cap off some 120 total hours wasted in front of a TV dedicated to one show means that this morning I'm rather tired. I can't say that going into details about my volunteer experience yesterday would be terribly exciting anyways. Probably the most thrilling thing all day was watching the single speed class go off (without me). Leyonce popped his chain off in the mad dash to get to the woods first, fell down, took out another rider, and got run over.

Tire tracks all across your back.

I can see you had your fun.

Saturday I got a package full of happy from Twin Six.

The Pie is pleased to show her support at the local grocery store and PTA meetings.

And of course I got my very own DDM jersey.

This is a poor photo of the jersey. I can make no apologies. Taking photos at night is hardly ideal when using the not quite up to snuff camera I found in the street, and The Pie tired quickly of watching me roll around in circles in my new racing togs. Think you could do better? Read on to the end for some contest details.

Who's got booster boots?

I got booster boots.

Pro riders, I mean the REALLY pro riders always break out the fancy duds for time trials, prologues, and special events. The best example of course would be Super Mario.

Now while I'm not quite a pro rider, I do play one on the internet. I'm quite aware of the fact that looking intimidating at a time trial is half the battle, and I'm thinking the white kit will get some use intimidating the hell outta some riders at the Trans Sylvania, Tour de Burg, and the Breck Epic this year. I'm thinking somewhere in the range of a 2-3 minute advantage over a ten mile time trial course.

And now, the contest.

Since I suck at photos and perhaps you think you can do better here's what I'm thinking... I want you to send me photos of yourself doing something totally unrelated to cycling while wearing your Twin Six jersey, any Twin Six jersey. Humor will be vastly appreciated, inappropriate use of the pockets could be key, and photos of the Liz Hatch fit method will certainly be taken into consideration. As long as whatever you are doing is totally unrelated to cycling it will be allowed.

What can you win? Twin Six has graciously allowed me to offer up any jersey from Twin Six you would like in any size (as long as it's in stock) as a GRAND PRIZE. I would highly reccomend a DDM jersey, but that is entirely up to you. This will be the first place prize, and as of yet there is no second place prize and a third place prize is right out. Once again (as in previous contests) The Pie will be judging the contest to keep it legit since I am terribly biased and would reward the first Liz Hatch type photo that showed up in my inbox.

The contest period duration will be close to two weeks. Since I'm leaving for the Trans Sylvania Epic in five days I'll be accepting photos until June 6th, at which point I will walk in the door from my long drive back from PA, turn on my computer, open up my emails, and demand that The Pie pick a winner.

Send your photos to: teamdicky at hotmail dot com.

All worthy entries will be used on the blog and that's about that.


Anonymous said...

You can't wear the same white kit as me during this Sunday's prologue.
And don't wear a Dicky Death March tee before and after after stage three. That's when I'm wearing mine.
-your pal Cushy

rick is! said...

the pie seems to take white kit pics just fine. me thinks she has something against the ddm jerseys.

AJ said...

I'm glad you found that thrilling! Not the word I would have used, especially as I was getting up off the ground, less than 5 seconds into the race! My Nevegal left quite a nice little reminder on the back of his jersey. Being last into the woods gave me a very pleasant warm fuzzy feeling inside!

dicky said...

True, I would have been less thrilled had I actually been involved in the pile up.

I feel dirty... like a NASCAR fan.

AJ said...

No worries. I don't think I remember seeing anyone there with a cooler full of Budweiser,
screaming and yelling!

Did I miss the Niner fork breakdown? I need info! Swapped my rigid for my Fox just for the race and hated it. Had it locked out 90% of the time. Guess I've gone over to the dark side!

dicky said...

No, I just wanted to give the MOOTS/WB fjork a whirl since I got a new spring for it.

Leyonce said...

Sorry AJ. The chain popped off in the sprint, I touched the wheel in front of me and went down. All in a fraction of a second. The mark didn't wash off so yea, I have a permanent reminder of the consequences of screwing up.

AJ said...

Not a problem. Just glad you didn't get hurt. You were right about how quick it happened. I saw some carnage to my left, told myself to steer clear and suddenly I was getting off the ground. With my luck, if I would have tried to run you over, there wouldn't be a tire mark on your jersey! Live to ride another day.