Tuesday, May 4

This will suck

I wanted to go on and on about PMBAR today, but I only have you to blame for my time shortage/suckage. I know you want to see the video I shot all day (till the battery died), and I aim to please. Last night I stayed up till some time after 11:00PM editing the video, and I thought I had it finished once. I clicked "save to computer", walked away, and when I came back I had the captions mixed up and credits rolling about thirty seconds too early. Fuck me all over again.

I went to bed thinking I knew how to fix it. I woke up late and spent the first half hour of my morning today working with it even though I knew there would be no time to load it to youtube even if I could get it together. After messing with it I realized I was mixing incompatible video stuffs, and would need to start all over again. Meh.

I just stopped typing and went back over to the Windows movie media maker thing. OCD has its share of drawbacks.


You'll get no new PMBAR news today, but the big news I promised will be delivered. Brent from Twin Six asked me during the pre-sale days of the Bad Idea Racing about doing a T-Shirt of the Month with the jersey design. I said "Sure, let's do it."

And so it shall be done.

For men....

and for women.

The T-Shirt of the Month is a limited edition thing (sorta like the Bad Idea Racing jerseys but different). They go on sale this Thursday at 9:ooAM CST, and when they sell out they are gone forever. I have been told that the ToTM always sells out and sometimes within hours, so if you really want one you'd better get online Thursday morning and get one... seriously.

Normally Twin Six holds the design back until the actual release time, but they knew that some folks here would want a fair crack at them, so they're letting me leak the images here. You are getting an unfair advantage over the average T6 customer, so use it wisely.

I will say it one more time. If you want one of these things you'd best be online Thursday the Sixth of May at 9:00AM CST. They will sell out quick, and you will be screwed if you sit around with your thumb up your ass, not to mention your thumb will smell like ass.

Keep the shit out from under your thumbnail this Thursday morning.


Leyonce said...

T-shirt, Oh yea, alarm set for Thurs morning.

This video thing. Man your screwing with the space/time continuum. When will you realize there are not 28 hours in a day. Have you tried riding the trail backwards at the speed of light.

Anonymous said...

What is this Dicky killed the videostar?
We want viddles!