Monday, June 14

Final TSE thoughts? Maybe....

What more could I possibly have to say about the Trans Sylvania Epic Stage Race?

How 'bout this?

TSE was the eighth stage race I've done since I did my first La Ruta in 2004. Almost every time I've ever done a stage race falling back into reality seems to be an issue for me. It's not really a problem, but I'm amazed at how my brain sees things after a week in the saddle, and it takes some getting used to... well that or reality just beats me back down into my hole* after awhile and life becomes normal again.

When I went back to work last week I felt like I was not fully engaged in the standard rigmarole that occurs during the period of time I spend not being in bed. Everything just seemed better; the smell of clean laundry, the taste of an organic toaster pastry, the vision of a butterfly fluttering out of my messenger bag in a building, or getting shit on by a bird while sitting on a bench. I swear people I don't know were smiling at me, and I assume it's because I'm wearing a shit eating grin that wasn't there the week before. One who might know me or think they know me might think I go around smiling all the time, but I tend to be like most people when I'm at work. Smiling normally only occurs when something humourous happens such as a coworker falling over or something catches on fire.

TSE was just the way a stage race was meant to be. I fell into the purposeful life of waking up to prepare for a ride, experiencing trails that knock my socks off, cleaning up, and getting ready for what the next day had to offer (insert beer into that order wherever needed). Mike and Ray did a fantastic job right outta the blocks, and I have no doubts that the 2011 TSE will be even better.

Will I be there in 2011? I never commit to anything a year out. I have no idea how much longer I'll want to do these kinda things, what new things will pop up every year, or how I'm even gonna pay for the ones I do end up doing. The world might fall apart, China may buy the US and A and force us to make things out of plastic for them, Facebook might just replace reality as we know it and the Matrix could be complete... who knows. What I do know is that you might wanna register early since TSE passed the first year litmus test, and I would imagine there's a good chance this event may sell out next year. C'mon, who wouldn't wanna ride with guys like these?

photo cred: Peter

Jake goes toot toot, Jedidiah Bisquick goes hunting for Buffalo Bill, everybody distances themselves from Mike to avoid catching his flatting disease, Weir and Cush share a tender moment while some guy I know I should know lurks in the background, Blake Harlan wonders if he could stow away in Weir's trucker hat and live there forever, Evan wonders if he could make a mini skirt outta Brandon's smallish epidermal layer, and Brandon wonders if he should put the lotion on his skin as he was told.

* I use the term "hole" rather loosely. I have a great life, but after doing the same job for over 13 years for 45 hours a week I think I have earned the right to call it a "hole".


cornfed said...

I've known you less time and probably hung out less than 45 hours and I call you a hole.


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