Friday, July 9

I beg your pardon

Yeah, I'm kinda sorta taking one more day off, which means I got up about 75 minutes too late to post a proper kind of entry, and the blog will suffer another day of Tour de Burg free suckage.

I watched the video I shot at the Hillandale Time Trial from day five of the TdB last night. The wreck was pretty lame and the camera slipped so the angle is off for a great majority of the video. Perhaps I can make something of it... no promises.

Hopefully my ducks will get back in their orderly rows by Monday so I can get my nightmare Tour de Burg out of my head and into the digital world. I am currently wrecked. ORAMM here I come.

Wanna read something in the mean time? Although it will not satiate your desire for my full unabashed Tour de Burg report, how about my official entry into the Bike Rumor Media Cup?

I was sorta busy at a stage race, but I still managed to squeeze my information on the dotted lines on the official entry form, a task no other "journalist" has done yet. Go ahead and read it now.

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