Friday, July 23

Nothing left to do but ride

ORAMM is coming. Like death or taxes, it can not be avoided at any cost. I'm shooting for a time lower than 5:45 and hoping for 5:40. I'm placing bets that Will Black will come in @ 5:10-5:15. Maybe a giant crevasse will open up in the earth's crust swallowing Will whole, but I doubt it. Kinda sad if he does win since...

Thanks to Dixie the premature kitten for allowing me to take her picture. She's a 3oz bottle feeder The Pie has been taking care of lately. I would have preferred a non-blind kitten that could actually run so I could recreate the original image a little better, but she had to do.

Speaking of animals...

Are you an Ashevillian and find yourself needing a small dog?

Zip is a 9 month old Chihuahua /Jack Russell mix looking for a home. She was bred to leap over buildings and save children from burning buildings. She is also very good at math and is well versed in Aesop's Fables*. Contact me at teamdicky at hotmail dot com and I can send you more info.

So, oh yeah... ORAMM. I feel like I killed the topic with this post a week ago. I'm doing my own thing, doing some new things, and doing the right thing. I will fight the (Will) power.

What time is it Will?

Time for all fucking hell to break loose.

* I'm just guessing she could do all these things as she looks like she could.


Shawn said...

Good luck dicky. Kick some ass!

Richard said...

it's gonna be carnage!