Wednesday, February 16

Ice cream explained (or not)

So last night as I was driving Mom home from her first chemo at 11:00pm I asked her what was the worst part of the experience (always looking for the lighter side).

"The TV channels didn't match up with my TV at home, so I had a hard time finding something to watch."

There you have it.

The new Dirt Rag is out there on the news stands or in the mailboxes of the chosen.

You know a new Dirt Rag means another new episode of Wazupwidis from yours truly. I've already received quite a few emails regarding the "out there" sorta topic I selected. That's what you (the reader) get when they (the editors) give me free rein, not to be confused with "free reign" or "free rain." New editor Josh Patterson even gave me a nice lead-in in his opening volley on page six. Warms my cockles, it does.

Also in this issue?

I am separated by fewer then two pages from an interview with my good friend and arch rival Rebecca Rusch. Josh Patterson served up some softball questions, and Reba delivered the soft goods. It's beyond me why he didn't ask her some tough questions like...

"Paper or Plastic?"

"Clubbing baby seals or clubbing with Sean Combs and George Bush?"

"Who's better looking, Grig Martin or Dicky?"

Who wouldn't want to see her squirm as she coughs up an answer to the latter?

You'll also find a couple of articles about SSWC2010 and New Zealand that will make you feel even worse about not going last year than you already do.

Thanks guys. When do I get the peachy assignments?

Since I was up late I'm keeping this short, but I do want to keep you up on current events.

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In the words of Jack Cates/Missouri Miller: "I'm a ragtop man."

You know how I know you're gay, Missouri?

You didn't pay a little extra at the DMV to help the Pennsylvania River Otter.

Why do the gays hate wildlife so passionately?*

I am assuming that everybody here has a sense of humor when it comes to wildlife preservation.


Anonymous said...

"But he's just a raggedy-man!"

Montana said...

Don't be ridiculous. I love a nice ground up otter between a couple slices of bread.

And only pussies use disclaimers.

Billy Fehr said...

That's the car St. Lissa purchased last night with a dummy knot, bastard.

Anonymous said...

Best Dirt Rag in a while. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

The anti-jinx:
Weren't you supposed to telling me about your new frame by now???

wv: dessesti. Dicky has desseseted his ti obsession...

Anonymous said...

I friggen like beaver!

what the hell is an otter?

Anonymous said...

I use to hibbiddy dibbidy a chick that drove one of those

Anonymous said...

looks more like a Fabrio...