Friday, February 18


You might have noticed that blogging has gone back to five days a week here. That would be due to the fact that I've been working a full schedule again. This is not a sign of better times. This is only because my boss has an issue with an old motorcycle injury that is going to require surgery.

Yes, now is the time of year when things are getting nicer outside, and I could be getting in one long ride a week in (if I had the time).

Yes, this is the time of year when I need to be riding a bit more to be sorta prepared for the upcoming "season" (if I had the time).

Yes, this is the time of year when I've run out of winter filler topics, and I'm stuck with little to write about every day (like today).

I could be talking about my new frame, but I am not. Let's just say that it is still "in the works." Remember, this is my fault for announcing that I was going to announce my new sponsor. I take full responsibility for all the bad juju. It looks like its race debut will be the Six Hours of Warrior Creek, just as the 2009 event was the debut for the MOOTS.

This weekend I hope to put the Superbeast back to proper use.

I'm working on a day trip to the mountains. 32X20 standing by and Camelbak loaded to the gills. I want a big day in the woods. According to the it's fucking alright in Brevard, NC, so I wanna make some fucking hay while the fucking sun fucking shines (sorry, some of my more influential sponsors have been disappointed with the certain lack of gratuitous profanity lately).

Now that I am Santa Cruz's number one best looking rider I gotta represent. The old Mark Weir is dead. Long live the new, slightly better looking, much more awesomer, and a tad less portly Mark Weir... that would be me.


Anonymous said...

Scott will be down there this weekend again.

Enjoy! I have to wait 2 more weeks for my trip.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious you've been working out. Congrats!