Monday, March 21

The yin, the yang,and the bang-bang.

Friday I got two packages. One was a neccessary part for the new bike from Cane Creek.

I'll talk about that tomorrow.

The other was the actual frame I'd be sticking the headset in.

I am no longer crying wolf. A real frame showed up, and as far as I can tell it matches the drawing quite nicely.

Skipping along to the full on shot and not teasing any further, here it is.

Of course I weighed it (weighted it, for you MTBR folks).

Respectable, but .15lbs have got to go.

I got what I wanted. Full on Cane Creek 110 ZS44/28.6~EC44/40 in action.

This headset lets you run a tapered fork in a non-tapered zero stack compatible head tube. The 110 has been redesigned, but as I said, that is a topic for tomorrow.

The dropouts were a modified design by YESS. I like hooded dropouts for my own anal retentive reasons. I was pleased that they were able to acquiesce my request.

The post mount brake was not my idea. Thomas Wood designed it, and so be it, it was added to the frame. It works.

Is it the way of the future? Sure, a Blade Runner future complete with sex robots.

Chainstays? We got 'em. Clearance for mud, goop, and run down British children.

Room for two water bottles? Why yes, we can accommodate your hydration needs.

That third cable guide was my idea. At first I liked it, and then I didn't, but now I do again.

27.2 ti post, no shim, sexy new white seatpost collar with a ti bolt (still not light enough to break the 20lb mark).


That's a Niner Biocentric EBB in there. I've already pitched my fits about sliders here and
here. It works for me. Hate on it all you want, but debating the merits of SS tensioning systems is the cause of more civil unrest than wealth distribution, taxes targeting the middle class, and the multi-billion dollar subsidized corn industry. Be careful, you might start a riot.

I was hoping that the new geometry would get me on some flat bars. I was correct. After one ride I knew they were on order, so they are now on order, and happiness is coming soon. You might have noticed I chose to go with the sticker as opposed to Peter's brass headbadge.

He's not pleased with my decision, but I have made him ill countless times over this bike, so whatever. He got his revenge.

And here are all the little details for those that have to know:

First and foremost, I will not be racing for Peter or Misfit Psycles in 2011. Obviously I will be on this frame when I race almost all the time, but as far as being some exorbitantly paid rider representing the Empire?


I can still ride my Tallboy whenever I want to. I can wear what I want to wear, pick and choose my pieces parts, and go wherever the hell I damn well please.

Peter is a friend. He asked me why I wouldn't I ride one of his frames since I wasn't really racing for anybody in particular back in 2010. I told him how I felt about sliders, and he deservedly scoffed me.

He said "What if I let you have an EBB?"

I said "If we're going to do that how about this, that, and the other?"

Obviously there is a marketing angle to the project, but it was also about exploring future possibilities. I think the Cane Creek 110 ZS44/28.6~EC44/40 is a pretty brilliant idea that makes things a lot better for small builders, but I think it should be considered by the big boys as well. It's just tits. I'm not saying that Misfit's going to be making major changes to future designs, but Peter just got back from the Taipei bike show, and he was pretty excited (about more than just the cheap food).

Frame weight? It's 4.3lbs. I compared it to the One9 with the rear brake adapter and shim installed (and with both frames with their respective headsets in place) and the difference was .6lbs. I figured that was a better apples to apples comparison.

Peter was pleased to point out that my "custom preferred" cockpit dimensions were surprisingly similar to his medium frame, with just slightly more relaxed geometry and more standover.

The powder coat. Half accident, half what I wanted in the first place but was afraid to ask for, and what I want on the next one. My wife says it's pretty.

Not entirely sure what we will do differently on the next one if there is a next one which we think there will be. I guess I should ride it a bit more before we go there.

Oh, and I quoted what movie in the title of my post?


Anonymous said...

You need that much standover because you are a giant pussy of a washed up messenger. I used to think your blog rocked but now it is just where a loser who can't win has to get custom frames so his blog hits don't go down.

John said...

...I'm convinced the paint job was conceived to jive with that white minipump, barely noticed it was there.

dicky said...

Actually the frame's standover was designed around my grotesquely oversized scrotum...

but yes, I only get new custom frames to drive up the traffic, because more traffic means...

more traffic?


dicky said...

BTW: This frame actually has less standover than the small Niner I was riding, so my grotesquely oversized scrotum is in even more peril than it was last year.

Terrible peril.

Anonymous said...

Is only your scrotum oversized and your balls are dicky sized?

Perhaps you can 'awesome strap' the superfluous part of the scrotum to dicky Jr. and stop worrying so much about standover.

Then, you'll have more time to worry about more important things, like toe overlap, BB stiffness and the like

dougyfresh said...

waiting for tomorrow's post. interested in this headset ad the design parameters associated.

AdamB said...

Finally! Speaking of scrotums, mine was turning all sorts of blue waiting for this unveiling.
Methinks the flat bar will find you the .15lbs weight loss you are in desperate need of. Here's to great bike race!

wv = pansters

cornfed said...

Pirates of the Caribbean. Geoffrey Rush.

Anonymous said...

Just the scrotum is enlarged, but my vas deferens are quite lengthy as well. Kinda like a couple yo-yo's in a potato sack. I never considered using a strap to restrain my dangly berries. The redesign process begins.... ~ Dicky ~ from my not so smart phone

Anonymous said...

nice bike dick hole-star! love tysons momma

Peter Keiller said...

The stem in the weight photo is different than the one in the bike shots.

Your olde Niner had only one water bottle cage.

There is way too much seat post showing.

If you could push an 18t cog, the chain would be shorter.

TheMutt said...

Damn it. That's way too nice for you.

Shane S. said...

I think it has some really cool custom touches. Do you prefer a longer TT or shorter. I'm 5'6 and still ride a medium 29er frame because I like the longer TT, but then I suffer on stand over and head tube height to get my handle bars below my saddle. I can't win. Seems like you have the perfect mix for us short bastards!

Big E said...

Very cool new frame. I'm excited to see what you think if its performance.

And the quote is from a much under rated cycling movie (In my opinion anyway.) American Flyers.

My favorite quote is from Muzzin." Enough of this Sunday stroll! Let's hurt a little bit!" To fucking funny!

Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you and Peter have finally teamed up. If you could find a few more guys with names like Enis, Wang, Unit, and Shlong you could have a real Team Dicky.

MUKOW said...

Bike is sweet!
Movie quote is from "The Jerk"

"Well I'm gonna to go then! And I don't need any of this. I don't need this stuff, and I don't need *you*. I don't need anything. Except this."


MUKOW said...

oops, still in "social networking" I still get a gold star?

Anonymous said...

when are we going to see a "dick" video from porn to you studios?

Anonymous said...

looks like you only need to ride 7 hours and 1 second a week to best sonya looney.

Anonymous said...

Man up and put a real head badge on that frame! Pussy!

Peter must be getting soft.....