Friday, March 4

The "More about the new Awesome Strap Race" post I promised you

So how do I feel about the new Awesome Strap Race?

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.

Let's face it, I'm 42. I like daily bowel movements, and I hate change. I just got used to using the Hypalon Vital and Zone straps after being a dedicated user of the original Awesome Strap for over a year, and now I've got to try something different again.

But I did get used to the Hypalon straps eventually. The one on the Superbeast was put on there in September, and it didn't come off till the short track race in late January (only rookies carry a tube at a short track race).

I figured I had to give the new strap a try. Way back in the day (circa early 2006) I employed two toe straps to hold a tube under my saddle and another purpose made strap to attach my CO2 to my seatpost. I eventually gave up on the idea, and bought a saddle bag for the 2006 24 Hour Solo World Championships. No sense being half-assed when a title is at stake.

That's how my saddle bag looked back in October of 2006 when it was new. Here it is one year and one month later:

I pretty much only used this thing for racing. If you look back at my late 2006/entire 2007 season you'll see that it didn't get a whole lotta use. It had holes worn into it, the wiggly straps rubbed the anodizing off my seatpost, and the zipper got stuck in the mud and eventually needed some mending.

I coulda just bought another saddle bag or figured out another solution. I saw a guy uptown the other day who found a novel way to carry his gear around, but I don't think it's racer boi approved.

Don't worry about thievery. The sliding plastic door on the bourbon box is secured with a golf tee.

I was told by the folks at Backcountry Research I could use any of the older designs if I wanted to. They are aware of my reluctance to change and my fears concerning irregularity. I decided to act like an exuberant, much younger man and risk missing my daily constitutional. I tried the new strap.


You know what? I'm not sure why I was reluctant to try it. I'd gotten used to the aesthetic of having my tube on my seatpost and/or seat tube for so long that at first I was unhappy having it under my saddle again. After a few rides and a couple weeks of staring at it from across the room I think I'm fully converted. My stuff is just as secure as it was before, and it's up out of the way. There's absolutely no thigh rub issues, no hindrance when I raise/lower the seat (I do that on the Tallboy), and zero change to what I keep in my bundle. I still have a chain tool and a 5mm wrapped up in the tube. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to throw a small mini-tool up in there, such as the Flat Stack2 from Genuine Innovations.

I will be using the Awesome Strap Race this year.

I will not be using the rainbow trout colorway.

I will be using something slightly more tasteful, and if I have my way, something more exclusive and self important.

With all that said, and I'm sure you were expecting it, I still have to give the Awesome Strap Race my...

Seal of Semi-Approval.


Supposedly the demand for the new Awesome Strap Race has been overwhelming, thusly my beer coozie tool wallet idea had to be back burnered to appease the need for rainbow trout (and other strange patterns) loving weirdos. Assholes. You're ruining my big moment.

Just wait till this thing hits the market. The bicycle industry will be thrown into a frenzy when this thing goes bigger than 29" wheels and ironic facial hair.


TheMutt said...

I'm thinking about running all of the different Awesome Straps at the same time. Things could get a little crowded that way though, but I have a big bike so it doesn't matter.

WV: fratedn

Anonymous said...

you never learn from your mistakes.... "I will be using something slightly more tasteful, and if I have my way, something more exclusive and self important."

you could have had your own Dickys Death March awesome strap but you had to go and talk about it. Now it will never come to fruition. further more you have also doomed the beer coozie/toolbag production


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like that tube is way too exposed. It takes just a minor contact with a rock or whatever to put a tiny, unnoticed hole in it, to render it useless without a patch kit.


Anonymous said...

Jangly bits in loppy seat bags rub holes in exposed tubes..wazzupwidat?

Anonymous said...

maybe your bike was apipe bomb and that's why you don't (and never will) have it?