Wednesday, April 20

See you Monday (in a virtual sense)


Just a few days ago I felt as if I were falling behind here... in terms of writing and keeping up with current goings on.

Now I've got nothing. In an effort to squeeze it all out before my sabbatical, I musta squoze too hard. It's been over a month since I last rode the Superbeast. That makes me sad. It has been two months exactly since my last ride in the mountains. This makes me sadder.

The road bike will be my friend over this long weekend. The closest I will come to mountain biking will be the inaugural wearing my Bike29/RIDE BIG WHEELS kit, which I think looks better on me than the rest of the team.

It's not that George looks bad in his new kit. I just that I look much better in mine. Notice that George is pulling the "one knee warmer" fashion trick outta my bag. I thought that I had it copyrighted. I'm sure my royalty check is on the way.

For all of you that were bothering me, as if I were someone of authority, wanting to know just what was up at Backcountry Research and why you couldn't buy a strap while they were on vacation...

They are back from their hiatus and the new strap they were working on is available. The Hitch is a hypalon version of the Race Strap for all of yinzers that are looking for that kinda thing. The Tülbag (pronounced tūl-bahg), or as Montana likes to think of it, "The Most Technologically Advanced Coin Purse in the World" is still not ready for public consumption.


bentcrank said...


Ordered the whammy deal, but they were out of the salmon color

nathan shearer said...

2 months!If this info had come out sooner I would have placed my vote elsewhere. Feeling like I did after voting for Bush '00.

Emily said...

I figured you probably have a healthy lead so I didn't vote for you. As Ralph Wiggum said, "Go, Banana!"