Friday, May 6

I'm off on the road to Brevard (and places in between)

Due to the fact that there is a big golf stick game in town, most of my regular work producing clients will be trading in their pressed white shirts and Starbucks for pastel Izods and Bud Lite. Thusly, my boss have given me the day off, and I'm swinging by Zac's place for an early PMBAR departure.

I spent the slow moments of yesterday as I usually do the day before PMBAR, studying the map. I try to get it all in my head so I won't have to pull it out very often... if ever. The big boys know this shit by heart, and we're only gonna lose time as we fumble around with the paper guidance device. Regardless of the fact that there are plenty of strong teams this year, we're in it to win it. Two second places in seven years (although many of those years I was only racing back to the keg with the minimum amount of checkpoints) kinda sticks in my craw.

In other news, Dirt Rag has asked many famous and beautiful mountain bikers to contribute to their Trans-Sylvania Epic blog coverage. The list of illustrious riders reads as follows:

Barry Wicks

Rebecca Rusch

Sonya Looney

Vicky Barclay

and me

Why am I on that list? I can only assume it's a department to department favor. Maybe it's because I'm better looking than Barry Wicks and Dirt Rag is looking to increase their female readership. Why is Mark Weir not on that list? I've heard he only communicates in grunts, hollers, and cuss words. That could have something to do with it. I have linked the above pictures with each individual's "Road to the TSE" articles over on Dirt Rag, so click away and enjoy. Obviously you'll want to read mine first.

PMBAR report on Monday.

Late edit: I looked at the early exit link stats. You guys are only reading what the hawt chicks have to say. Poor Barry.


Anonymous said...

Barry Wick's dick is larger than you.

dicky said...

I beg to differ:

Anonymous said...

you will not win...sorry. pussy.

shiggy said...

I want a pic of you riding Barry's bike.

dicky said...

I'll ask him... nicely.

shiggy said...

Tell Barry I asked for the pic. I watched him grow up on the Oregon race circuit. At 13 he was short enough for you to reach his chin.