Friday, May 13

Is it still the number 13 dragging me down?


Blogger goes down, and the world stands still.


Here's what I typed up this morning on google docs for posting later:

Blogger is down this morning. That means I’m creating a document elsewhere in the hopes that I can copy and paste it to my blog before I leave for work. That also means I’m going to put very little effort into something you may never see if they don’t get their shit straight in time.

The early morning Wednesday road ride plan has pretty much flopped.

Week one: Turned out okay. Although I got lost in Charlotte (temporarily) I ended up with the saddle time I was looking for.

Week two: I woke up at 4:45AM to pouring rain and went back to bed.

Week three: I listened to the storm off and on all night long. When I woke up there was no rain, but the Doppler showed some precipitation coming shortly. I snuck out before 5:00AM, and my neighborhood 12 mile loop was littered with leaves, twigs, branches, tree, and downed power lines. I only crept around in the dark slowly for about an hour to avoid being flung off the bike by an errant limb.

Week four: I’ve still got my fingers crossed.

Week five: That’s the Wednesday right before I leave for the
Trans-Sylvania Epic. I should be getting a good night’s sleep, not waking up at 4:30AM to go on, what would be at that point, a pointless ride.

Not much of a net fitness game I’ve got going on here.

Maybe I don’t need to worry since Grig hasn’t moved since last Tuesday.

It looks like Sunday I’m gonna have to make a break for it. Looking for a big ride on the big fork on the little bike.

In huge tool news I finally picked up some key equipment.

George had one of these at SSAZ, and I immediately could see that this is THE tool for the traveler bike racer guy... unless you want to eventually crush your carbon bar the day before a race.

Baller George, always gawts the ballenest tools.

But I bet he ain’t got one of these:

A homemade presta compatible compressor head with built-in semi-accurate gauge. Cheaper than this and more colorful.

Who’s balling now El Diablo Wisell?


That’s all the effort I’m putting forth with the knowledge that my forthwards efforts might be thwarted.

Two weeks till TSE and I still haven’t rented a tux for the awards ceremony.


Anonymous said...

I heard those Ritchey torque wrenches are not accurate.

Who's ballen' now?

Anonymous said...

I heard Master Wisell has a team mechanic from Topeak Ergon following him around now, so no need for tools anymore.

dicky said...

I tested mine against my regular torque wrench. Everything is A-OK.

Emily said...

I heard that they get less torquey pretty fast, much faster than a real torque wrench does. Some drunk guy told me that at a party. God, I go to some boring parties.

Rob C said...

ZHP reprezent.

You make that air inflation accessory yourself? I want one.

dicky said...

Yep, easy peasy lemon squeezy.