Friday, July 15

Some good news....

I took my third yoga class two days ago. To clarify, I should say "my third yoga class in six years." I realize that it would be smart to integrate yoga into my lifestyle on a regular basis, I just haven't gotten around to working it into the schedule. Just as I have done twice previously, I overdid it, and I'm now sore all over two days later. Good thing the most important race on the international cycling calendar is still a week away.

What else?

I stripped the Niner Biocentric EBB on the Misfit diSSent Brontoawesomeous Meatplow V.5. How can that be good news? Well, knowing that I'm in good company with the likes of Missouri Miller is comforting.

That, and the fact that the unfortunate incident was the necessary impetus to right a wrong. I never bothered breaking out my torque wrench to tighten my EBB. Once I snap all the do-dads on to the right end of the tool, it's a tight fit down there in bottom bracket land. Tight enough to be a minor annoyance that discourages me from using proper toolage.

That's a terrible photo from the wrong angle, but trust me, I've got uglies bumping all over the place... and yes, a proper extension works just as poorly.

So, now that I've ruined one $90 hunk of aluminum, I decided it was time to make a tool that works for me and my new EBB.

A 6mm Allen key hacked down and glued into a 6mm socket. Why glue it in place? After picking it up off the floor six times during the initial test run, I decided glue was in order. A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

Speaking of victory, or the lack thereof...

I bring to you my second to last piece of good news.

I signed up for the Breck Epic last night. Not the three day event....

The whole six day enchilada.

I know what you're thinking? "I just looked at the list of registered riders, and I don't see you listed amongst the single speeders. What Gives?"

Last year I was dead last in the single speed class. Granted, last year the SS class was chock full of talented riders (and Peter), so maybe I shouldn't take it so hard. Either way, I've decided to race the 40+ class.
Sure, a lot of those guys are from Colorado and other high elevation states (like Georgia), but it should be easier for me to wallow in altitude induced anaerobic anonymity towards the back of a much larger field as opposed to being the ass end of a small group of ass clowns (no offense to the ass clowns I have not met). Also, lest I forget, I chose to race the single speed class at both the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek and the Trans-Sylvania Epic this year. I got 4th and 3rd respectively, but had I raced 40+, I woulda been 1st and 2nd (by 54 seconds to Garth "The source of all my problems" Prosser). Racing isn't all about winning, but it isn't about coming in dead last. It's about free beer, schwag, fronting, and an excuse to shave my legs.

Late edit: I just noticed that I'm from Charlotte, CO. I just felt my hematocrit level jump seven points.

Peter says he will be at the Breck Epic as well. Even if we aren't in the same class, I still plan on proving that last year's defeat was an absolute fluke. I will not be beaten by Peter this year.

And the last piece of good news for those that want to know...

Emma, the foster dog I mentioned yesterday, got a home. If you wonder just why we had such a strong bond with her, here's why.

While I was at the Tour de Burg, The Pie had to leave Emma at home alone for a period of time. Due to her kennel stress and high anxiety she worked on the sutures from her spaying, and when The Pie returned home, she found a semi-disemboweled dog. She rushed Emma to the ER where they had to wait to hear back from the Humane Society of the United States to make the call as to whether to put her to sleep or fund the expensive bowel resection operation. The HSUS has a soft spot for puppy mill victims, so they agreed to pay, and Emma was saved. I had to hear the news on the phone, and let's just say it was rough being away from home given the sad state of foster dog affairs. The Pie had to stay with Emma 24-7 for days until I got home to give her a break. So yes, we loved that little one eyed piece of Shih Tzu.

She is now living with her new family which includes another Shih Tzu saved from another puppy mill.

They should have lots to talk about.


George said...

Peter Beater

Anonymous said...

The HSUS is a bad, bad group. Your local Humane Society, animal shelter or PAWS is a much better way to support the well being of our four legged friends. They are two completely different organizations and the prior steals funding from the later. IF it was up to the HSUS, no one would have pets of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you know that extension varies (up or down, who knows) the true torque value, right?

Apis said...

You could try removing the cranks before wrenching. Sayin'...

hat said, I've never messed about with those god-awful bits of metal. Singlespeed awesomeness should only be gotten via track-ends or horizontal drop outs.


What's a torque wrench?

dicky said...

HSUS funded the surgery. Nuff said. My wife (The Pie) and I do support our local Humane Society.

I figured my extension would be a variable in the torque, and adjustments have been made to accommodate.

Removing the crank? It would be hard to tension the chain without a chainring in its proper place.

Emily said...


also, it is so great that Emma the dog will finally get to relax and have a normal dog life. thanks you guys for all you do.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to email this to you but no where could I find an email address. There is no need to post this to your blog/site. I respect all you and the Pie do with the dogs - more than I ever personally could. That being said, please take the time to read a post and why I feel the way I do about the ASPCA and HSUS.

dicky said...

No worries. I'll read it when I get home. The Pie was telling me about some of the HSUS VS local HS this morning. I'm just happy they intervened and paid for the surgery.

Anonymous said...

Peter Beater ...LOL

"Peter Beater vs Dickie Dumper" or somesuch. Throw in a few adjectives like Misfit and Little, and you've got a real marquee match up. I'd by that T-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't look at the EBB trouble as a problem.............I'd look at it as an opportunity to get rid of that style chain tensioning mechanism.

While you have terrible taste in frame dropouts, you did do a stellar job of picking a wonderful caring wife.