Monday, August 8

Best laid plans and all

I woke up Friday morning with a plan for the weekend. Take my mom to chemo early on Saturday, bust out a decently long ride locally, head to the mountains on Sunday for a ride, and welcome The Pie/Fajita home from Ohio Sunday evening.

Then Friday happened.

Seven inches of rain in some parts of Charlotte. Biblical rain. In over fourteen years of messenger work, the conditions were definitely unprecedented. At one point I had to stop in the middle of doing a job and wait until the rain let up just so I could see where I was going. My rain coat kept my back dry, and that was about it. The day before it was almost a hundred degrees, and the next day I'm shivering in building lobbies. Love this job.

Obviously the local trails were in no condition to ride on Saturday. After I dropped my mom back at her place, I turned into a lethargic steaming pile of poo. I did manage to build the Superbeast back into single speed mode, build my old ti bike (that Zac borrowed for the Tour de Burg) back into a fixed gear greenway grinder, and pack my tools for the Breck Epic while watching many, many movies on Netflix.

I did not have a beer when the urge first hit me at 11:53AM.

I made it to 3:08PM.

I'm proud of that.

On Sunday, Zac saved my soul by coming out to the woods to play with me. We headed out to Dupont and he showed me around. Dupont is no place to go if you don't know your way, unless you wanna pull out a map... a lot. With 91 trails in lengths from .15 to 4.24 miles, there are plenty of intersections. On the way home I thought I would return the favor by showing Zac around Poston Park, but even though I just rode there last week, I managed to get us lost. The kinda lost where we were stuck on an infinite closed figure eight loop with no way to get back to the car. Eventually we left the woods in our own particular idiom, and managed to get back to the car after riding for almost an hour and a half on less than six miles of trail.

The Pie is now back, which means I once again have adult supervision. Everything should be fine now... until next time.

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Scott said...

It's outside the 14-year time window, but was it more rain that from Hurricane Hugo in 1989? As a little kid in Gastonia, I remember tons of rain, but I obviously wasn't out there on a bike. Hurricane Fran dumped 16 inches in places, but I guess that was in eastern North Carolina.