Wednesday, August 3

It's an arms race

Peter started it.

I will finish it.

All right, it's more like an arms race between two small countries that if they managed to wipe each other off the face of the planet, none of the other countries would notice for months.

More about this possibly regrettable and totally rash decision tomorrow, after I've had a chance to ride it and have it all cleaned up and in a box headed to Breckenridge.

For the more thick headed amongst you, I'm talking about squishy fjorks and the global repercussions associated with their use and abuse.


Anonymous said...

I'm partial to Peter's fork, but maybe I am biased since I have the same one on my Misfit.

Lets see if he has any teeth left if he keeps that rubber band on there.

AdamB said...

My money is on the tricky Dickster. Now you will really enjoy descending from the heavens while gasping for the 6 molecules of air available to your sea-level lungs.
I tried SS with a squishy fjork recently and noticed that I could concentrate all my power into pedaling and not worry about finessing my way up and over rough stuff. It did not seem slower. And then came the descending!

Peter Keiller said...

Dicky has changed strategy to match mine.
According to Sun Tzu.
I've already won.

But most people already knew that.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it clashes with your garish racer boy totally not heavy metal paint job so will you be able to look at it and not implo