Friday, August 12

It's a trip, it's got a funky beat, and I can bug out to it

Sorry, I was loading Bell Biv DeVoe: Greatest Hits to my iPod this morning.

Unfortunately their "Greatest Hits" are just the same three songs with seven different remixes.

In less than 36 hours I'll be out of breath stirring a pot of macaroni and cheese. Although I'd like to think it will be different this time, it won't. My lungs will be seared, my head will pound, and hopefully I won't suffer from altitude induced hemorrhoids.

My goals?

Have a good time

Work on my autobiography, It's Not About the Beer: My Travels in the Single Speed Peleton

Keep Peter towards the back of the room at the awards ceremony

Find the end of a rainbow

Kill a leprechaun

Eat a leprechaun

Beat Peter

Somehow the timing has worked out that I will have a couple new products from Backcountry Research to play with at the Breck Epic. Oddly enough, I purchased my first original Awesome Strap right before the 2009 Breck Epic, and I used the prototype Hypalon straps for the first time at the 2010 edition.

Now I has these:

Samples of the new and improved Back Forty straps (think the original strap on EPO and amphetamines) and production versions of the Tülbag (pronounced tūl-bahg).

Yes, that is me on the tag.

And the back

I will be using the mesh bag. As I've said before, mesh is my favorite colorway for panties and Tülbags.

Yes, my tools (or Tüls... pronounced tūlz) are more exposed to the elements, but if I am too lazy to take them out of the bag after a rainy day, they are more likely to dry out and not get rusty.

Not that there's anything wrong with a little Rusty.

Also, the mesh bag makes it easier to find what I'm looking for in a hurry, which sometimes actually happens in a race-type scenario.

I will probably bring a few with me and give some to a few folks I consider key players in the industry. Peter may get one as well to replace his single speed wallet.

Availability is literally right around the corner... well, literally around the figurative corner.

I may or may not be posting daily from the Breck Epic. My output may end up on some media related site or it may be snubbed altogether and labeled as "certain amounts of tedious drivel from an also-ran" by the promoter.

Check back here often and prepare for equal amounts of disappointment and amusement.


Luis G. said...

I'll be waiting for my Tülbag in my mailbox. Solid, not mesh. kthx

Anonymous said...

I like the new and improved coin purse. I'll be looking for one..

Greg D.

nathan shearer said...

the guy on the tag looks like a tulbag.

Anonymous said...

Tulbag looks awesome. But, when you talk with those folks, maybe pass along that there's an error in the item description copy. The portion towards the end that says “will lay flat in your pocket…” should be “will lie flat in your pocket.” Sure, I’m being picky, but I've noticed times when the quality of a restaurant or an item was questioned due to something simple that was overlooked. In this case, it's a grammatical error that has nothing to do with the quality of the product. But, I have been in a restaurant that had spelling errors on the menu, and everyone had food poisoning later that day. Maybe just a coincidence...but if one thing is overlooked, who knows what else was, as well. Peace!


Charlie said...

I've been trying to spend some $$ at the Awesome Straps website, but it doesn't seem to be working! Someone said to kick the Dicky, so here I am bumpin' away. I sent them an email and NO replies. What up?

Anonymous said...

Wow ... you could have been 8 out of 17 in the 50+ solo men. And not made the women's podium ... really? Tell me again how you get sponsored?