Wednesday, August 10

You asked for it....

Is this for real?

Peter could be pulling my leg, but these might be available in the near future. Made by the folks at Alchemist Threadworks...

or not.

You'll know when I know, or slightly thereafter.

BTW: In case you didn't know, another reason that Brian Lopes is not Awesome.

Seriously, a million dollar bike with more carbon fiber than a Stealth bomber, and he tapes his spare tube on with electrical tape.


What more could you want from my "day off" post?


eastwood said...

if those t-shirts go to print sign me up!

nathan shearer said...

did we really need another reason to think brian lopes isnt awesome? The t-shirt on the other hand... awesome

Mysty said...

that is an awesome t-shirt... hopefully Peter will offer them in a small so I can wear one. I'll even order one for my mom who so happily sported the F**K the scenery t-shirt Peter had made for the Transrockies years ago... where do we sign up?