Wednesday, September 7

See you in 2013?

Yesterday's post kinda sucked. Although the Shenandoah Mountain 100 is well up there in the top five, all time best endurance races I've ever participated in, I can honestly say that I'm a bit burned out on it. I was ready to go on a SM100 hiatus after last year, but finishing with such a lousy time due to mechanicals was not the note I wanted to leave on. So I came back this year (my sixth time in a row), got an acceptable finish time, and had a shit ton of fun just hanging out before/after the race.

Bar none, no other race I've ever done has this level or organization. 600 riders and they still manage to feed you two decent meals (three if you like to chew on bagels for breakfast), they did NOT run out of beer this year, the aid stations ran like clockwork, the medical crew addressed a lot of riders' needs (for more news on Mike Simonson's condition, go here), the course is impeccably well marked (and awesome)... and coming home with a $60+ tire for a miserable 10th place? I'll take it.

Sure, I'm almost not in the picture, but at least I eventually figured out that I was supposed to be there before all the adulation from the amorous crowd faded away.

No SM100 for me next year. I definitely want to take a break from it, so I can at least miss it a little before I go back.

I have to say, there were some fun moments out in the woods. Going back and forth with Chris Strout, picking on Shane Schreihart when I caught up to him due to his broken Crank Bros pedal (I wish all my competitor's rode CB pedals), helping another rider get his bike back up the side of the mountain, and just generally goofing off "all day long." With that many riders on the course, it always feels like you're slicing and dicing all the way to the finish line. It's nice to not get too lonely out there.

The Shenandoah Mountain 100 never disappoints.

I do, but it doesn't.


shiggy said...

Next year:
Cascade Cream Puff
High Cascades 100

Both top notch in organization and rider support. Very good courses and singlespeed friendly--with lots of climbing.

You can leave fjork at home, too.

nathan shearer said...

It got very lonely where I was. Guess that means you will have to make it back to TdB in order to get your quota of riding for the year out there.

Brad said...

I even heard they stepped it up this year with a shower trailer. I guess that beats the one shower head behind the building from years past.