Tuesday, September 20

Thank you consequence

I owe some thanks for the last week of my life.

Thank you to everybody who made sure I didn't run out of beer tokens on Sunday. Although I promised to dispose of them properly, I still managed to have three tokens left over when the kegs ran dry. Don't worry, I'll save them for next year.

Thank you, Eric Wever of Pisgah Productions. Because of "Wooden Nickelgate", I decided to ride back to the first checkpoint at the New Belgium Urban Assault to verify that there were no beads being handed out. Josh the Wonderboy swore that we only needed the meat stick, but I didn't want to get burned on a technicality. We rode an extra mile and waited at two lights. Assuming an average speed of 20MPH (that would be on the high side) we lost @3.5 minutes, give or take.

1st Honor Roll Bikes 1:04:12.6
2nd Bike Source 1:19:46.4
3rd Bike Source 1:22:29.9
4th The Town Bike 1:22:42.6
5th TEAMDICKY 1:23:07.8

Damn you Eric... I mean thank you... no, damn you. See you next month.

Thank you, Josh, organizer of the Urban Assault, for keeping a steady supply of New Belgium going for more than seven hours. The Pie was so happy to see me come home at 8:00pm.

Thank you Pie, for letting me play with my little friends all day.

And Interbike thanks....

Thank you, people of Swiftwick, for giving me a luxurious sectional to sleep on, a place to do my "work", for feeding me, and pouring beer down my throat. You made this little man's dream come true. Oh yeah, and thanks for the sweet socks.

Thank you, Ride for Reading, for letting me take part in the book delivery to Peterson Elementary.

Honestly, my absolute favorite moment from Interbike... that and watching someone pee in a cup at Cross Vegas.

Thank you Ergon, for putting up with a bunch of freeloaders for two hours.

I caught up with more people standing in one place during the Ergon party than I did all week walking around the Sands Expo Center.

Thank you, Eddie O'Dea, for wearing those super tight pants Namrita bought for you to the party.

We were laughing with you, I swear.

Thank you, Dirt Rag, for getting me my "Working Media" credentials thus keeping me from having to buy a $19 sandwich.

Thank you, to my son (The Boy), for letting me use his airline bennies to get to Vegas. It was a little nerve wracking to get the last seat on a 300+ passenger plan, but whatever. I got there and back, and that's what mattered.

Thank you, Dan Hensley, for giving me a new Walz cap, which is now my new favoritest cap I own.

Thank you, Graham Gerdeman, for holding my hand when I was scared and all alone, and for constantly having your camera out capturing moments in time I wish I could forget.

Thank you, Earl Hazekamp, for boosting my under-inflated ego. While at Interbike, he had his photo taken with celebrities such as...

The Situation,

Jason Statham (I thought he'd be taller),

and me. Imagine my surprise.

And thanks to anybody else that I forgot. This last week has been kinda fuzzy, and I am currently drying out my liver and brain cells.


Dr. Brett said...

I am sorrowed to hear that this is the last week of your life. You will be missed. A "forty" will be poured out in your honor.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you said "thanks".

dicky said...

"The last"

"This last"


kbark said...

Is that an Alanis Morissette reference?